Wednesday, April 21, 2010

26 weeks!

Happy Wednesday!
Today marks 26 weeks of my third pregnancy. Time is flying!
I feel pretty good. I went to the chiropractor this week and found out alot of good information about my tailbone. As of now, she is going to be adjusting my pelvic bone to try and relieve some pressure when I sit. So far so good! I don't feel 100% relief but it has definitely helped some.
We went to the Dr. to see Mabel today. I love seeing her! She is growing so much. Here's the rundown:
*As of today, she weighs 2 pounds and is measuring right on track.
*I have gained close to 30 pounds [yikes] but am ok with it.
*Dr. is still on board with inducing me as to not let her get too big
(for fear of breaking my tailbone.)
*For the second time, the Dr. remarked that she has 'really long legs.'
*She looked like Nora today!
*She reached up and grabbed her toes with her fingers and it was precious.
*I have to do my 1 hr. sugar test sometime in the next 2 days and I'm dreading it.

*Everyone still talks about how small I am compared to my first two pregnancies. I know you all think this is the case, but I wanted to give you a good little guide to go by. At this point with Nora, I weighed (and looked) almost the same size exactly. With Braden, of course I was much bigger already.
From left to right here are my pregnancy pictures with Nora, Braden & Mabel all at 26 weeks.

Anyway, all is well! If I am induced early, I have just about 12 weeks to go. It is exciting and extremely overwhelming all in the same breath. Mostly, I'm just ready to see her though. Her kicks are precious and I know she will be incredible. What a blessing she is to our lives already.

Nora knows that it is too early for Mabel to be here so she has been concerned with me going to the Dr and chiropractor so much this week. It is so sweet to see her worrying about her sister already. The bond they share will be amazing.

Anyway, over all we are doing great. 2 more weeks until I am officially in my 3rd trimester and will start seeing the Dr. every two weeks. I cannot believe it's happening so quickly. I am scheduling a 4-D ultrasound for 2 weeks from now as well so that our families can be a part of seeing Mabel a few weeks before she actually arrives!
Anticipation is growing in this house for our little lady.


Tiffany said...

I do think you are tiny! And perfectly pregnant looking! So beautiful. Cannot wait to see photos of Mabel!

Rachel said...

You just look so beautiful! I keep meaning to tell you, but Mabel's name is just sounding so beautiful to me these days! I find myself loving to talk about her and say her name outloud ♥ It won't be long now, time is flying by!! I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy is going for you!