Thursday, April 29, 2010

27 weeks and an update.

Yesterday marked 27 weeks in this pregnancy!
*Next Wednesday I will officially begin my 3rd and final trimester.
*Just by looking at these pictures, you can see the toll that sickness has taken on me the last few days...

*I didn't throw up again after Monday night but today is the first day I haven't felt completely nauseous since. It was a terrible feeling to be so sick and it was the first time ever that I haven't really been able to care for the babies.
It is moments like these when I am grateful God has allowed us to be home with our families during these crucial years of raising babies! It truly takes a village some days.

*This week I lost 6 pounds from being sick, putting me at gaining a total of 27 pounds so far.
That is a pound a week!

* I made an appointment for us to have a 4-D sonogram done on Aunt Jeni's birthday (May 12th). We are all so excited to see this little girl!

* Yes, I airbrushed this picture so my stretch marks don't look so bad.
(and last week's too.)
* Daniel saw me last night and said, "Wow,'re gettin a little tight in there..." and he's right. I feel like my skin is stretching so tightly around this baby.

* She's a mover and a shaker! She is getting strong everyday and I love her patterns.

* Besides being sick, I'm still feeling pretty good overall.

Here's a picture of Nora with my friend Lindsay's new baby, Chloe--
And speaking of new babies...
Aunt Rachel is at the hospital in active labor as we speak! Baby Harper should be here sometime tonight and I'll update as soon as I know something. It has been a rough day for me. All I want is to be with her and knowing that I can't be is so hard. However, I know that the Lord is there and He's got it covered. She has a wonderful husband (who will be a fantastic daddy) and a great mother for support. It's just so hard being so far away.
Any prayers for a healthy delivery, and a healthy mom & baby would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
Harper's story and testimony are already so great. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for this precious girl!!!

Nora told me that she saw an angel out of my bedroom window 3 days ago. She was "old" with "red hair." And she had wings!
Nora announced to daddy & I today that,
"Jesus is God."

So grateful for hearts and minds that are receptive of Jesus and His love for us! Thank you Lord!

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Firecracker said...

Do you think that angel was your nanna?