Thursday, April 8, 2010

Babies, Babies, Babies!!!

This is my oldest (longest) friend, Lindsay.
Ya know, the one I swam in ditches with?
This picture of her and her oldest daughter, Kyleigh was taken last week at her baby shower. Sometime last week, she proclaimed that she would deliver baby Chloe on Thursday of this week. She has made a proclamation like that with each of her 3 kids, I believe.
And she's always right.
She will be delivering her sweet girl anytime now! I am anxiously waiting to hear the news that Chloe has indeed entered the world! What a great and exciting time!!!

Last night as Daniel and I lay in bed talking, I began growing even more intrigued by the complexity of the human body. I mean, inside of me is a person and inside of that person are organs, vessels, limbs, blood, cartilage and so much more. All of those things were made by a simple act of love by God through husband and wife and yet, people question our creator? It's so intricate and detailed.
And complex.

With all these babies being born around me, I am so thankful that we are having one of our own. It's a special time in our lives-these baby raising years. It's the most challenging, and yet the most fun that we have experienced together in our marriage.

I also realized last night that although I was infatuated with Daniel at the time we married, I am most certainly in love with Daniel now. Raising children together puts a whole new spin on the respect you have for one another, the devotion you have towards each other and the amount of work that you are willing to put into making marriage as great as it can be.

When people used to say to me that marriage is work, I disagreed. It didn't feel like work to me then. It feels like work to me now, but it is the most rewarding and fulfilling amount of work I have ever endured.
And I love having babies with this man, even though some days it wouldn't seem so to the outside world. Deep down, at the end of the day, I look over at him and secretly think, "we're doing this. We are making it..."
And that makes me incredibly proud.

So in light of all the new life, all the new babies, and the great Love that created them:
Cheers! Here's to a happy Thursday in your world...

Before I could even publish this post, Lindsay delivered a healthy baby girl!
Chloe Renee' is 6 lbs. 5 oz and is doing well! I'm waiting to hear from her daddy if she has any hair or not and what color it is! I'll be heading up to see her sometime today and will post pictures later!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your friend Lindsay! Welcome to the world baby Chloe!

I agree with your view on marriage. It's very rewarding work indeed and I wouldn't want to raise my children with any other man than my husband. :)

Happy Thursday Ramee!

Ashleigh said...

Just about two weeks ago Kyle and I were laying on the couch talking about how far we've come and I used the same words- when we married I was infatuated. Now we have a real love. It's amazing how it works, just when you think there is no way to love someone any more than you already do, it happens, and keeps happening! With our hubbies and our kids :)

And that is so funny that your friend can call her kids birthdays that way, ha! Congrats to her!