Friday, April 23, 2010

Big Brother.

Dear Braden,
Things are gonna be changing in our world, buddy. Until recently I wasn't sure you understood. Then suddenly, just like I asked Him to do, it was like God spoke to your 2 year old spirit. You have suddenly become so nurturing to me and my growing tummy. You are curious about this new little sister that we're all speaking of. You call her by name and even talk to her. You were finally patient enough to feel her kick a couple of nights ago. It was awesome to see your face! You have wanted to feel her every day since that moment.
Brother, I know it may be confusing for you to have a new sister around. I know that I may have to be extra patient with you as you adjust. I also know that you will be great! You love Nora so much and although she spoils you often, I can see that you'll be the same with this new love of your life. You are so protective and gentle. God has made you perfectly for this new role of "big brother."
I will do my best to explain things to you and comfort you along the way. I'll be patient with you and pray you'll do the same with me. You're my baby boy, buddy and that will never change. It is an exciting time and I cannot wait to see you with Mabel when you can actually grasp what she looks like, smells like, feels like and is.
She is yours as much as she is mine and I want you to take good care of her.
She will need you, Braden. And she will appreciate you. I have already been praying for special guidance and direction in this new chapter of our lives, but I want you to know and be confident in this:
I will take extra care in making sure that you adjust and accept these new changes. I will take extra care in making this an easy time in your life and one that you remember and cherish. Someday you will not remember your life without your baby sister....
but for now, I know that is not so. So in the meantime, I will be here. And I will let you be you. And we'll get through everything new that is about to come...together. You and I.

I love you, my sweet boy. You are my baby now and always, but I am embracing these final weeks of focusing my attention on that title in your life for your sake....and for mine. You will always be my baby, but I am purposing to baby you a little more in the days ahead. You are a great big brother already and I am so proud of you.

Love, Mama.


brandy said...

AWE!!! SUCH A sweet letter to your son!!!! :-)

Tiffany said...

ooohh....tears are flowing. I absolutely adore that last photo. He is just so scrumptious!Braden is blessed to have such a sensitive mommy. Lovely post, Ramee.