Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Today was amazing. We celebrated in alot of memorable ways and it was just perfect. First, my boy woke me up at 6:45. Danielle and Brendon were visiting last night from Chicago so we were up late. was totally worth it to see his face this morning when he realized that the Bunny had come! Nora woke up a couple hours later, after I made up all the lasagna that we were having for lunch later in the day...

She was equally excited to see her basket as her brother was! Next, we got dressed in our new clothes for church. In our home, new clothes represent the new life that we have in Christ! Easter and Christmas are special occasions for special new outfits. Brother and Nora matched in their pretty greens... When Nora came down the stairs, I heard brother say, "You look like a princess sissy!" Take note of Nora's new flip-flops from the Easter bunny;) My guys looked sharp! The house was decorated and ready for family! And we were thrilled to open our home! Jake & Daniel Me, Jake & Jeni Next we hunted for Easter eggs! We have been seeing bunnies in the yard for weeks but kept telling Nora that we would know if the real Easter bunny had come ONLY if she left eggs in our yard! Today was the day! Before you ask, No. Braden did not wear the ugg boots to church with his suit;) Prizes inside! Lovely redheads. Aunt Jeni & Brother. Granny even made it to our house for Easter this year! It was quite special since Miss Mabel will share her middle name and all. She had a great day! We celebrated my dad's birthday as well. I love this picture. Granny looks so happy and giddy with Braden. Cousins! Krissy, me, Jeni & Suzy Mom, Jeni & I. Nora and her daffodils♥ She's beautiful. And lastly--

The Easter Bunny Came!!! Hope you had a blessed Easter Sunday! He is risen and life is anew! Thank you Jesus!


Kalli said...

Love all your pictures! Namely that one of Nora bending over to get eggs-what a beautiful picture-her red hair and green dress-just perfect. Um, and I love braden's hair. I've been trying to talk Steve into that hair cut for Zach for over a year, lol

Tiffany said...

Oh Ramee - I poured over these photos. And since Jim is home (Mondays are his day off now.) I made him look at them all, too! {grin} What a lovely Easter celebrating Jesus' defeat over sin and death. Your children looked so sweet in their green with their gorgeous hair. I do hope Miss Mabel is a red head. Maybe she will be a curly red head!! {grin} Your home looked lovely and inviting. You looked beautiful!