Saturday, April 17, 2010

Exhausting Saturday.

Let me start by saying that last night was amazing. For over an hour I laid on the couch and Daniel got to see Mabel moving about inside of my tummy. He turned the music on his phone on and put it on my belly, watching her kick and jump all around as the music played. We did this same thing with Nora, constantly playing worship music for her. It is such a special time and I could tell he finally truly bonded with the idea of her. He teared up and he was amazed at how strong she already is. I think everyone forgets that, for Daniel, this is the first pregnancy he has been a part of (every single day) since Nora. He missed all of these milestones with Braden and so to bond with this baby has been slightly more difficult for him. I was so grateful that God gave us that hour of quiet and stillness to enjoy our newest babe.
It was so wonderful!

Today started with Braden spilling 1/2 a container of laundry soap all over my kitchen. The house smelled good, but I sure didn't enjoy cleaning it up at 8 am.
So, figuring this was a bad omen to the rest of my day, I decided to dress the kids, put them in the van and try out some garage sales.
Bad idea.

Most every time we are in the van, Nora says that her tummy hurts. I usually reply by saying, "eat your snack lady, you're just hungry.." because usually that's all it is. Lately, however, she has been saying it much more frequently. Daniel & I enjoy taking drives in the evenings but have been having to come home when she complains of her tummy because we are worried that she may have some motion sickness.
Daniel gets super sick if he sits in the backseat and sometimes even in the passenger seat.

So long story short--
Nora barfs.
All over the van.
At 9:43 am.

We came home, took a bath and I was fully prepared to baby my sick girl all day long, but apparently she was perfectly fine when we got out of the moving vehicle.
And disgusting.
And exhausting.

So it is currently 8 pm. Both kids are watching the movie that they picked out today (Santa puppies, mind you.) and we are waiting for Jeni & her boyfriend, Chad to get back so we can watch a movie and eat warm brownies. We cooked out but it feels more like an October night than an April evening.
It's been a heck of a day....
I can't wait for bed.
Today Daniel was letting Braden 'ground and pound' him with his boxing gloves. They do this frequently. Braden is extremely good about doing this type of activity only with his daddy and he knows not to hit girls. Anyway, Daniel held up his fist and said,
"This is a knuckle sandwich."
Braden then replied,
"Eat it then!"

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Tiffany said...

Aw, thinking of you sweet friend. Loved reading about your moment on the couch playing praise music to your babe - wow - that is awesome!