Friday, April 9, 2010


My sister's new boyfriend came to town to meet us last night. I really liked him and now I'm sitting here wondering if he liked us too or if we potentially ruined it for Jeni. Either way, it went well and I pray that he'll stick around. He seems great.

Somehow we got on the topic of OCD. It turns out that Daniel thinks that we all have some sort of obsessive compulsive tendencies. At first I disagreed. Then I started thinking. And laughing at myself for the quirky things that I do daily that I don't even realize I'm doing.

For instance, when I wake up, I HAVE to get my breakfast ready in a certain order and eat it in the same way. It's slightly different from pre-pregnancy days because I wouldn't have dreamed of eating a pop-tart for breakfast every day, but other than's the same.
-Go to the coffee pot and pour my coffee.
-Pop in my pop-tart.
-Pour milk while it's warming.
-carry milk and coffee to computer.
-grab pop-tart and place on a paper towel.
-Eat pop-tart while drinking milk.
-enjoy coffee.
[and before you comment, yes I'm pregnant. GASP.]

Next issue: the bathtub. Every single time I turn on the water, I have to turn it all the way to the left and then back to the middle. If I didn't do it, it would feel so wrong.

I want the couch to be exactly where I know it needs to be on the rug. If it's not, (ask anyone) I'll obsessively move it until it's perfect.

The same goes with just about any of my decorations. Picture frames must be straight and if someone (jokingly) moves something, I'll notice, find it and return it to it's proper place.

Jeni, Daniel & Chad went on to tell of their quirks and we all laughed.
Now I'm curious--
what are yours?


Jessica Kramasz said...

Everytime my husband drives my car he turns the volume allthe way down to 0 on the radio and it drives me nuts. I always promptly turn it right back up and then turn it off - usually saying something to him about just turning it off. Why does this bug me so much? I don't know - it really makes no difference!

Rachel said...

OOoh fun! I can never take the first of anything on the shelf at the store, I always have to take the second or third thing in. When I turn the shower head off and some of the water is still dripping I have to cup my hand under it and catch it. I can't stand to have the car window down all the way, I have to have the window up a little bit, even if its just a hair!(an ocd tendancy amos does not share in)

Ashleigh said...

I have a breakfast routine that has to be the same everyday too. I put 4 hashbrown patties in the oven, poor myself a diet coke on ice in a coffee mug (has to be in a coffee mug or it doesnt taste the same says my brain, ha), cook hashbrowns until they are really crispy and then put them on a small plate with ketchup. Cant be a big plate. Then eat while at the computer.

Also, all of the towels have to be grouped by color in the linen closet or it will haunt me every time I walk by it. Aaand the labels on the shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream and body wash have to be facing out into the shower.

Tiffany said...

Oh, Ramee this is fun and clever!! {giggle}
Okay, here are mine.
My comforter, blankets, and sheets have to perfectly positioned on my bed in order for me to sleep. My children's have to be on them, too - I fix them every night before I go to bed.
I have to check all the doors and windows to be sure they are locked each night.
When I unplug something hot - coffee pot, curling iron, iron, I have to mentally tell myself I unplugged them or else I end up going back to check a few minutes later.

Oh boy. Can we still be friend?! {grin}

Kalli said...

I love even numbers. For instance, I'll be 24 this year, and it makes me feel like this year will be better than 23 or 25. It crosses over into other things-two bites of things, two drinks, even numbers on the radio, etc. Other than that my OCD tendencies of having things just so are gone since having the kids.

krazykat said...

im so glad to find out im not the only one out there with this! i have MANY, but heres a few. i can only have the volume on the tv on even numbers unless its a 5, and have to jog on the treadmill until theres an even number on it, and have to have even numbers when i eat grapes. adams water cup has to be exactly where i want it on the counter, my water bottle and neckbrush ect at work have to be in their place inbetween every haircut. when i eat something out of a pan, i will eat it until the lines are straight with the remaining. i have to have the lamp on above the computer even if i dont need it, and ill stop now. haha

krazykat said...

oh yea, ramee, its me katie, i finally figured this out!!! haha

Janice said...

I do believe most people have some sort of OCD tendancies that are not serious and can actually be laughed at. My brother in-law laughs as he tells us, he cannot step out of the shower until he leans his head on the faucet wall and waits for x amount of drops of water to fall on his head. If x amount does not fall, he'll start the water again and do it until the right amount falls. For the most part, my OCD involves beating the clock for all kinds of things. For instance, if the microwave is on, I have to run downstairs and put clothes in the dryer, or empty the dishwasher or go to the bathroom or whatever has to be done, before the microwave timer goes off. When a commercial comes on, the race is on for me to see how much I can get done before my show come back on. In fact, as I write this, I'm realizing, my OCD tendancies all have to do with getting some kind of housework done or some kind of cleaning. Probably and OCD in itself, LOL.

Good blog subject.