Monday, April 5, 2010

Pregnant, & Together for Easter

Nanny died in January. Easter fell in April. I came home that year to be with my family. Daniel was training in North Carolina. I was pregnant with Nora at the time and it seemed like such a hopeful day for our family.
...but I was not with my husband.
I was exactly 24 weeks pregnant with Nora, just like I am now with Mabel.
Here are us girls that same year...
And us, this year--

The year that I was pregnant with Braden, Daniel was away on Deployment #2. He called home just moments after Nora took her very first steps (to granny). She was 8 1/2 months old! It was an awesome moment & proof of the baby steps we would all continue taking in the months ahead.
...but I was not with my husband.

This year he walked up the stairs to see me getting ready for church. I was already dressed and his eyes met mine. He lit up and tears filled his eyes. He gently touched my tummy and said, "you look so beautiful. and so pregnant."
It was then that it hit me.
This was the first time that I have been pregnant that we have been together on Easter.
It was special for both of us, and he was so proud.
We've had several people ask us lately if this will be our last baby. Some have said, "You know what's causing that right?" Others know that we are trusting God with our lives and don't ask or comment. Whether we have more children or not was not in our thinking this weekend. This weekend we simply celebrated new life together.

New life with Mabel. New life in Christ.

And for new life, we are thankful each and every time.


Tiffany said...

{sob} Beautiful Ramee. God is so good. I can see the absolute delight in your eyes and in Daniel's. What a special day for you two.

Would you be a dear and check out my new blog hop? I think you may be interested! {wink}
Hope you are having a lovely Monday!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about people's comments ( I know you don't anyway but it is good to hear from someone else) We have heard these same comments of course! It is worse when your first 2 are a girl and a boy ~ you already have one of each so the other 2 must be accidents. Nope we wanted them and planned them just like the 2 before! Some people don't understand that some people (you and Daniel and me and Brad) could love the craziness and loudness of raising crazy beautiful Redheads and Brownies. But we will be happy Grandmas with full houses!! That is what I look forward to most of all.