Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random updates..

Here's a sneak peek of Miss Mabel A.
Tomorrow will be the official side view from this week! I had this for a late night snack last night.
The brownie was made with chocolate chips and chocolate syrup baked in.
...and then I warmed it up... It was delightful.
We had good friends over to cookout. The kids played [and entertained us.]

We spent time at my parent's house this weekend. The kids love being on the farm, and I don't mind much either. There is something wonderful about letting them run free in the country. Ahh, the memories of my childhood.

My tailbone is killing me. I want to make an appointment to figure out what is going on, but am not sure they'll take me seriously or even do x-rays while I'm pregnant. I just know I can't live the rest of my life in pain every time I sit--and then stand again.

Braden has been sick. I think it is the rota virus. My kids usually get it once a year, only Nora hasn't at all this year. Thank God because brother is crankyyyyy....

It is hot, hot, hot here!
Sunburns, sunscreen & flip flops are all that are being seen in this house!
How will I survive this summer?

We went to the farm again this morning.
The kids planted onions in the garden with Uncle Mike. Braden took his clothes off down to a diaper and it was way cute. Their cheeks are red and they are resting now. They are so tired, and so am I.

Braden opened the door for me last night "like a boy should."
He's so protective of me and I adore it.

Ok, off to rest for a bit. More time outside later--
I need all the energy I can muster around here.


Rachel said...

YOU are so glowy and beautiful! :) Hi Mabe.

brandy said...

Love the baby belly and that dress you look great!! :-)
Praying for Braden that he feels better soon!
When I was pregnant I had some major tail bone issues.. and I don't know if it will help or not but I went to a chiropracter and it helped some! Praying that there is a solution!