Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Response to 'yes mom.'

In case you don't read my comments section, I wanted to reply with this comment to my post earlier today about the McDonald's mom and my take on being more of a 'yes mom.'

"Thanks for all the great input! I definitely didn't want to come across like our children have no structure, routine, rules or boundaries. I am sure that it is evident that they do. If you know me even a little, you know that a schedule is very important to maintaining a healthy household (or at least in our world.)

It is just that in certain situations, I understand that although they are learning great principles from our teaching at this age--they truly are still so little. I educate myself, read books, and pray often about how to age appropriately and effectively parent the redheads. It is very much a balancing act for us as well.

God has such awesome grace in our lives, and I'm trying very hard to practice that with my kids as well. They have rules. I want them to behave well. I want them to know that there is appropriate and inappropriate behavior in society, but ultimately we answer to God and not the world and as long as they are raised up and trained with that as the core of my focus, the rest will fall into place. It's an awesome feeling knowing that by teaching them the Word of God--they will learn to do things that are pleasing to Him and that will be their desire.

Anyway....I love all the responses. :) "

I also wanted to briefly add that, in a nutshell, what I mean by trying diligently to be more of a 'yes mom,' is to choose my battles. Every day in many ways I have multiple "teachable moments" with my children. I grasp those moments and take hold of them! I believe that in a moment, teaching them, if done correctly, can be more effective than disciplining them.

I also want to point out that everyone's situation and the way they parent will always be affected differently by many specific circumstances. For instance, some people parent one small child while others parent twins (or Irish twins) or triplets. Some people have one perfectly behaved child and one challenging child. Some parents have only girls; some only boys. Some people do not have grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and other outside sources affecting the way that they make their decisions. Some do.
It's all, always going to be different for each of us.

Let me also clear up that I believe 100% in the disciplining of our children. We try very hard to base our discipline on the Word and strive to do what we know would be pleasing to God. We are also aware, however, that in these precious days with little eyes, ears, hands and feet--some things are far more important than forcing them to obey in a moment when God is very present. It is extremely difficult to express through words alone the way that we parent. It is a fun conversation and I enjoy hearing about how we are all getting through the days with small children. For us, being "yes parents" doesn't come easily. In fact, I have had to give up a lot of control in order to accomplish this season of saying yes. But I am trying.

So, thanks for the comments and the conversation.
The redheads make me extremely proud & I love mothering them! It is such a blessing that God has given me. I am beyond grateful.
Have a good night of rest and I pray you'll feel revived for what tomorrow may bring!

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Very well said Ramee! :)