Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sugar test--complete!

Happy Birthday Aunt Mary!!!
I know you enjoy seeing pictures of Jake, so here is a recent one of he and Daniel working on guns at my mom's. He's a good boy and you'd be so proud of him!
We thought of you today and hope it was a great birthday filled with many blessings!
We wish you could come visit soon!
My boy has a huge knot on his head with a pretty killer bruise. Just as it seems to be healing, he hits it on something else--the corner of the couch, for example.
And the other night, he ran into the corner of Nora's dresser. He now has a crazy black eye. He decided to 'cover' it with mommy's make-up.
...and he still looks so handsome...
Today I loaded up the redheads in the van fairly early and headed to Bloomington to drink the infamous sugar drink that comes with this stage of pregnancy. With both prior pregnancies, I failed the one hour glucose test and had to take the 3 hour. With Nora, I passed.
With Braden, I failed. Thus resulting in the pricking of my finger multiple times a day and changing my entire diet to keep myself and his growing body healthy.
It was pretty awful.
The Dr. told me if I didn't hear from him, I had passed. So far today--no call! Praise the Lord! His office is closed tomorrow but I'll know for sure if I haven't heard anything by Monday that I am in the free and clear. We are believing God for great things. My body is so healthy this time around and although I know that having gestational diabetes one time can be a predictor of the same thing in future pregnancies....
we serve a God who doesn't necessarily believe that same statistic!

We have been laying pretty low lately.
Practicing letters, reading, playing outside, and napping together.
I am reading some homeschooling books and the kids are singing a lot of songs.
Nora is riding her awesome (and educational) bicycle that she got for Christmas...
...and brother is enjoying watching her as he rubs his blanky and curls his yummy toes.
...and pretending to be a dinosaur, of course...
Speaking of curling toes...I just loved seeing our newest babe do this yesterday!
Here is our newest picture of her, but as you can see she is growing and the quality of her sonograms is not as great as they once were. But that's ok. Seeing her each month excites me! She is beautiful and precious.
I bought the letters for Mabel's wall in her room yesterday. I painted them white and have big plans for getting her nursery ready.

I also have some big plans for our front steps and planting our flowers very soon! This year we are going with a more patterned look in our flower bed that leads to the house. I cannot wait!

The Lord has been so good to us this week. He is revealing intimate and personal things to my husband & I and it is exciting! I will share more very soon.
Prayer requests?
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ConanTheLibertarian said...

Thanks Ramee for the birthday wish. I love seeing the pictures of all the children I love these redheads big and small. Love you all and miss you. Jack is crawling and pulling and also falling getting bumps and bruises. You and Mabel look Great!!!
Love you,
Aunt Mary

Tiffany said...

You need to email me!! {wink}
I had something else to say and my mind went completely blank. I will go back and read and try again!!

Tiffany said...

I know what I was going to ask! What homeschooling books are you reading?