Friday, April 30, 2010

Week of Rest...

Although it was unintentional, I have certainly enjoyed this week of rest. I haven't felt well, but not being so consumed with life online or distracted by TV, music, texts, etc. has been wonderful. I enjoy this outlet of blogging more than anything. It is a gift to myself and writing is my passion. As long as I have time and energy, I will keep up with writing here because someday I will look back and be incredibly thankful that I did!

Did you know that I met my best friend online?
Her name is Rachel. We met on a forum for Marine girlfriends, fiance's and wives many years ago. We met in person a couple years later when her fiancee' (now husband) was coming home from Iraq.
She was with me when I had Nora. I lived with her and Amos for a time before Daniel returned and we talk on the phone every single day--sometimes many times.
To sum it all up: the Internet has blessed my life in more ways than I can say, and although I need a little rest from time to time-- I am beyond thankful that God, although still the same, can use today's technology for His good and purpose!
Rachel & Amos welcomed baby Harper into the world yesterday...
...she is beautiful and perfect in every way. I talked to Rachel this morning and she sounds tired, but thrilled. She will be such a great mommy. Harper's journey into this world has been a long one. When Rache feels up to it, I thought about having her hijack my blog and post about her experience trying to conceive and also throughout her pregnancy.
God is awesome, I can tell you that... and He is absolutely going to be glorified in this little girl and her parents!!!
Thanks for being patient with me during this "week of rest."
I have many thoughts floating around in my mind for posts next week.
As far as life around here, we are just trying to get well again.
Thanks for your prayers and love.

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Firecracker said...

I'm very very excited as you know to hear her story and I hope that you find strength during this "down time" have a great weekend!