Wednesday, May 26, 2010

31 weeks!

31 weeks.

-The trip to STL this past weekend caused some swelling, but other than that, I've had none.
-My tail bone is hurting alot again this week. Haven't been back to the chiropractor.
-I believe I gained a couple pounds during our mini-vaca. Moving on up.
-Daniel told me like 150 times yesterday that I looked beautiful. Lovely, but hard to hear and accept it when you don't feel it. I mean, really?
-I am officially sporting a full-out waddle when I walk.
-It's much harder just this week to hold the kids. Mabel is getting HUGE.
-I still feel really good, all around.
-If the Dr. induces me early, that gives us about 7 weeks until we meet our lady!
I have a Dr's appointment this afternoon and will find out how much the baby is weighing now. I'm anxious to see how much she's grown in just 2 weeks, but I know she has!
What are you up to today?


Tiffany said...

You are seriously such a beautiful pregnant woman!!

Anonymous said...

I agree! Very beautiful.

Miranda spent her day at the beach with my best friend so I spent my day cleaning and organizing. Fun. Especially in 100 degree weather!

Firecracker said...

We are moving Friday into a nicer place, so we are excited ! Busy Busy!