Thursday, May 6, 2010

best day [zoo trip]

Daddy was home from work again today so we spontaneously planned a zoo trip! The kids were thrilled and excited, as were we:)
This is a real reindeer! It was crazy.
The boys had so much fun exploring the animals. Braden is at such a fun age to enjoy everything this year...
One of my favorite parts was the "bird house"--

Nora was trying to 'read' to us about each exhibit. Miss teacher.

The bald eagles were so so pretty!

My redheads had the best day!
We rode the carousel... ...and it was all her little heart desired!

It was just an amazing day. After the week I have had, the refreshing was amazing. The Lord is truly so good to me. He gives me all I need to sustain me in moments of frustration and renews my spirit for a new day-just like His word promises He will.

We ate at Steak N' Shake when we were finished and the kids ate their entire meal. I got a little teary at the table and was overtaken by this feeling that my life cannot get any better than this moment. This day. And yet somehow I know it will. It's a beautiful thing.

God is quickening our hearts to Himself in a new way lately and it is exciting. It is powerful! I find myself longing for His presence more and more and more. We always should be, but it is just so intense right now. Of course, in the midst of this growing time-the enemy is sure finding a way to distract me. But I realize it and am praying against his evil and wicked ways. He is such a filthy liar...

On the way home today, brother was grabbing his 2 year old toes and he said through his binky,
"I had so much fun mommy."
I never want to forget that moment.
I had so much fun too. This was the best day.

What did you do today?
Before I forget it, Braden is also saying,
"My favorite color is_______________
and then filling it in with something random like 'zoo' or 'yogurt.'
He is so cute.


Firecracker said...

Today was a good day I agree. My mom received her blessing from our local Christian radio station who is doing a special on Seeds of Faith.
They wanted you to submit an entry on how your mother planted a seed of faith in your life and how it's made you who you are today.
So I made my submission, she called me today crying before her biopsy and said that she got the submission in the mail along with a special few gifts from the station one being some wildflower seeds which were just enough to finish the ones in front of her house that she needed.
We pray that God will give her the best results back ever!
I enjoyed reading and feeling the emotion in your moment to cry @ Steak N Shake, I get emotional about things and want to cry and often feel embarassed, but after I don't; becuase I believe it's God's way of refreshing!
I feel so much better after! :)
Whether it be about something good/bad.

Chrissy♥ said...

CUTE post! I'm so glad you had a nice day! You look so beautiful! And I am totally in l.o.v.e with those shoes! Where in the world did you find something so adorable? They are so so so cute :) I am so happy that you had an amazing day! You totally desserve it, you are such a wonderful mom!

Ashleigh said...

I love the bird house there too. I will never forget the smell in that place. I'm not sure if they still have the same one that they did when I was a kid b/c when we went last summer, there was a small room with butterflies and a few birds that might have replaced it? Glad you had such a great day :)