Monday, May 17, 2010



My mom is a blue.
My very last color is blue.
From the Bible, Martha is a blue.

Blue adults...
Value: Belonging & doing things right, having order.
Want & Need: Acceptance and appreciation for their quality work
Strengths: Problem solver, integrity, quality organization & systems, love details and thrive on tradition.
Things blues could work on: Flexibility, not being critical & maintaining a positive attitude.

Blue Teens...
Value: Being part of a group and doing things the right way.
Want & Need: To be appreciated, acceptance, routine, quality.
Strengths: Dependable, high standards & ideals, thoughtful, honest & organization.
Things parents should know: "I like life to be orderly, I am literal-practical. I dont like making mistakes, I can be serious and no nonsense."
Things blue teens could work on: Not getting negative, not being so serious, being spontaneous, not getting moody, being a perfectionist, not being so hard on yourself.
The learning environment best for blues: Structured, orderly & sequential with organized teachers.

Blue children:
Blue children are dependable, dutiful and responsible children. Even blue children who struggle academically are good kids, diligently taking it one step at a time, trying to get it right. Blue children do not have discipline problems. Rebellion would go against their conforming, rule-following nature. School, because of it's structure, is usually a comfort zone for these kids who thrive on order. These children like the routine of a daily schedule. They love having things in writing, and therefore knowing what is expected of them. Blue children like a life that is systemic and orderly. These children desire boundaries. Blue children do not like to be late. Tardiness represents breaking rules, irresponsibility and disorganization. This blue group of kids likes to do things "by the book."
Blue children manage time very well.
They do not like clutter, or chaos, or things to be out of order.
Strong blues can be strong perfectionists. They tend to be very analytical & detail oriented.
Perfectionism and Pessimism sometimes go hand in hand with Blue children. Because of this, frustration, discouragement and negativity are common feelings for these children. Blue children are tightly and intensely made. The want things to go right immediately because of the high standards they set for themselves. Frustration follows if things don't go perfectly for this blue group.

*work and play intensely (toys with alot of details or parts appeal to the blues.)*focused, and driven.
*enjoy developing systems.
*pay attention & want to know many details.

for parenting blue children or living with a blue spouse:
* Blues like a life where things are right, with as little mistakes as possible.

Blue children need lots of:
* Appreciation for the way they think it through
* Appreciation for quality work.
* Appreciation for being responsible.
* They need to belong.
* Acceptance in group settings.
* Stability
* Security
---->Blues always need a game plan--for everything.

Blues like orderly systems. They prefer information in writing supported by charts, graphs and data. Blues are planners who like outlines.

In their personal lives blues are caring, conforming, conscientious, conservative, creative, intimate, and honest. They have high moral standards and tend to take this to an extreme. They are sincere, have integrity and are guardians of truth.
Blues are loyal, self-sacrificing, sensible, sensitive, serious, sincere, thoughtful & traditional.

In their work, blues are accurate, analytical, careful, cautious, deliberate, dependable, detail-oriented, diligent, disciplined, dutiful, finisher, list-makers, hard working, neat, organized, orderly, persistent, problem-solver, punctual, quality oriented, scheduled and very systematic.

In their social life, blues are compassionate, devoted, faithful, idealistic, realistic, respectful, self-sacrificing, sympathetic and unobtrusive.

This blue group of people are motivated by belonging and serving. Blue's make up the highest percentage of people and make up the majority of people who help in a church setting. Blues enjoy service organizations, clubs that support charities, as well as groups that uphold traditions. Blues need to be needed, but they may not always be the first to step up and volunteer. They are often bombarded by yellows who are more outspoken when willing to help.
If you find an award program, you will often find a Blue founded it, a Blue perpetuated it, and a Blue won the award!!!

Blues will often ask many questions, needing to know details of a certain situation. The symbol for this blue group is a box because they often want themselves and everything around them tucked tightly inside of it's four walls. If you are a blue parent who has a yellow child, beware that you could be trying to restrict that child into acting the way you want he or she to behave. They will never fit into your blue box--you might as well stop trying! It will free you from the torment of seeing them as a child who 'misbehaves' or 'cannot listen.' Instead you will hopefully begin to see them as simply different--and created for such!

Blues like for things to feel safe. They will place heavy emphasis on accuracy and objectivity. They will make decisions with their heads, often trying to remain as unemotional as possible. They will rely on data and facts to solve problems. Blues often like to handle one task at a time. If you are a blue, you will probably know everyone's birthday, & anniversary and have a card sent out in time for each!

**Blues do not like change.
Moves, job changes and changing relationships can cause a near crisis situation in the lives of blues. Parents, listen up! If you have a blue child-- Try to function as they may need you to in order to help them in transition of certain events.
For instance, do not throw your blue child or any blue in your life a surprise party. More than likely they will worry more about the details than they will enjoy themselves.

Under stress, blues will become quiet and continue to seek more information to increase their confidence in their knowledge of the situation. They may withdrawl. Blues may also delay decision making until they no longer feel stressed.
Many blues are uncomfortable with emotions. They tend to put quality and accuracy above feelings.

Traditions are extremely important to the blue group. Changing a recipe or throwing away old ornaments will throw them off completely. They plan, ponder and think about things that become traditions. Traditions become rules; which blues like.
Blues will often love a dress code.
Blues also care n be very economical.
Blues are also very conservative and like to be.
When needing something done in a church situation, ask a yellow to think of an event and a blue to see it through.

If you are a member of the blue group you may get "used" by and taken advantage of by others. What I mean by this is that because others see that blues have a high need to get things done the right way, they tend to dump more responsibility on a blue. Because they are dependable, people tend to use that to their advantage. The blue group is the only group that wants things perfect. None of the other color groups will understand their need to get it right. To others, blues also seem critical, obsessive, stubborn, rigid, non-risking, data bound, moody, guilt prone, nit-picky, intense, detached, stingy and sometimes unimaginative.

In a church setting, blues would be good at taking responsibility, getting things done, figuring things out, details, punctuality, quality performances, and caring for the needy.

They are compatible with people who are:
Serious, dependable, intellectual, deep, appreciative.

They are incompatible with people who are:
Disorganized, insincere, inauthentic, and superficial.

To relax at the end of the day, blues like to:
read a book, sleep, take a long bath.
Ok so that sums up blue for today. Again, I have so much more information, so email me if you want to know more! Blues are easy to spot. They are also very needed to balance out some of the other color groups, such as yellow yesterday.

My mom is a blue. She loves to read, has a hard time adjusting to change but is great at getting things done in a crisis situation. She was an ICU nurse for many years so being punctual, quick and prompt was also important!

Rather than being quick to jump out of the boat like Peter, the yellow, would have been--blues would be asking Jesus many more questions, such as,
"How deep is the water, Jesus? "
"How cold is the water?"
"How long will it take us to get to shore?"
They would want to know the details of the situation to better evaluate their decision

Remember, parents, if you are a blue but do not have a blue child, it is important not to confine them to the restraints of your personality. I'll explain in more detail later in the week what I mean!
I hope you enjoyed learning about the blues in your world!!!


Tiffany said...

Oh, so fun! I could see a lot of myself in this description. As I was reading certain point I would find myself shaking my head or cringing. {grin} Thanks for doing this! I am printing all of your posts out to file away.

Cadi is neither a yellow nor a blue. I am eager to see what she may be. Maybe she is dominant in green like me??

rameelin said...

Just by seeing her little face, and her timid personality, I believe she probably is a green, Tiff! I'll do greens on Thursday:)

Firecracker said...

I really need to find time to finish mine! :)

Anonymous said...

Whoa! This is me! It's amazing how much it pinpoints my personality. I was reading through the descriptions and as I read certain words or phrases, I'd think, "So that's why I do this or think that, etc.!" This is so insightful - thank you so much, Ramee!

Sarah said...

omg! what an eye opener. i was reading that to Johnny and we just kept laughing and laughing!! that is me to a T! thanks for sharing...i can't wait to find out what each of my girls are!! :)