Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Break from colors...

Interrupting this color week for belly pictures!
30 weeks today!

* Measuring big; feeling bigger.
* Achy body.
* Lots of low, sharp pains.
* More contractions.
* No swelling.
* No weight gain since last week.
* Less clothes fitting this week than before.
* Not feeling so cute anymore. At all.
* Lots of Mabel movement:)
And tomorrow--
We'll learn about the greens in your life!


Tiffany said...

Even if you do not feel cute, you still look cute!!!

brandy said...

YOU look great!!!!!! Seriously I never looked that great except with my 1st after that ... I guess I never fully lost the baby weight! But you look awesome!! I hope I look decent this time around! Then again... I just love baby bellies and any mama with one..sports it just lovely!!! :-)