Saturday, May 15, 2010

Color. Color. Color.

A couple of weeks ago the ladies from our church went on a Ladies Retreat. I was unable to attend but so badly wanted to go. The speaker was going to be our youth pastor's mother, Laura. Laura is a life coach who gives personality presentations.

To sum it up, you receive a 'personality indicator test.' It's an interesting evaluation of your personality. When you are finished, you find out what color best represents your personality.
Yellow, Blue, Red, or Green.

When the ladies returned from their retreat, so many of them were so excited about what they had learned and experienced. Our pastor's wife (my friend, Danielle's mom) was especially excited to explain how empowering it was to not only learn her own personality but those of the people around her, including her children.

The personality test and presentation is based out of the book, "The Kid Book," by Vicki Barnes. For every person reading this right now, I suggest--no I urge you to get out and find this book.

Because everyone was so excited about the test and what they had learned, Lawanna asked Laura to come to our church and give a presentation. I was thrilled because I wanted in on this secret that had unlocked so many hearts a few weekends ago. Women were talking about how their marriages would be different, their parenting would be different and how their prayer lives were already impacted in a huge way. I was ready to learn about my personality and everything good & bad that comes with it!

Once you have taken the test, you learn the strengths and weaknesses of your personality type. Laura explained how each color worked together to make up the body of Christ, but most importantly I have been able to look at people by their colors now and see how I can approach them, interact with them, and parent them--in the case of my kids.

Our children are born with the personalities that they will always possess. Of course, there are learned behaviors over the course of time, but this whole process is about finding out who you are at the core. Who you were born to be. Who God created you to be. I am so inspired by this whole experience because I truly believe that once we recognize and fully understand who we are and who are children are, we can begin to accept them for all of their qualities and enable them to do great things with those traits! We can also begin to teach them the importance of working on the qualities that can be far less appealing, while teaching them to channel them effectively in the future.

I'm going to be writing much more about this whole topic over the next few days. If any of you would like to take the personality test before I begin explaining the colors along with the strengths, weaknesses of each color, how to interact with adults and children of other colors, similarities & differences of each color in a marriage and how to interact based upon them and many other things....
please email me!
We can find a way for you to take the test and learn your color so you can be fully enlightened to all this has to offer!
Seriously, knowledge is power.
When we know ourselves better and embrace us, we can do remarkable things!

Before I go, I wanted to give a few examples.
Daniel & I learned our colors along with the colors of Nora & Braden.
Since then, I have also tested my mom, Jeni & Rachel.
It seriously made me realize things about Daniel that will help me be more patient with him in our everyday life. For instance, his color likes 'variety in life.'
Repetition day after day is a struggle for this personality type.
My husband is a mailman. He delivers mail to the same houses, walking the same route, doing the same thing day after day after day.
No wonder he struggles with finding joy in that.

Jeni's color type doesn't get in a rush to do anything. The people with her color enjoy time alone and can be very indirect.
Makes sense.

Braden and Nora have similar colors to Daniel & I, but if Mabel is born with a completely different personality, I will know now how to better parent her, being aware of her needs, desires, fears and wants. It is an amazing gift that I have been given and I would love for you to join me in learning about exactly who we are!!!
Again, email me if you're interested.
If not, I'll still be writing about it in the days to come. I hope you can enjoy reading about the things I'm learning, and again--buy the book or get it from your library. It's a great tool for life!!!
We went to the carnival last night and have been busy every night this week. I think tonight is calling for some relaxation and cuddles! I just did some school work with the children and am off to finish morning chores.
Have a great weekend!!!


Sarah said...

awesome!! i would love to know my color, as well as the colors of everyone in my family. how can i find out??

rameelin said...

Sarah--email me. I have the test and I'll send it to you! Am so glad you wanna do it!