Thursday, May 20, 2010



Jeni is a green.
Jake is a green teenager.
My mom's second color is a green.
From the Bible, Mary was a green.

Green adults:
Value: Peace, harmony & a steady pace.
Want & Need: Acceptance for who they are and not what they do.
Strengths: Diplomacy, adaptability, stability & empathy.
Things greens could work on: Asserting themselves and not becoming overwhelmed.

Green teens:
Value: Peace, harmony & a steady pace.
Want & Need: Acceptance for who they are and not what they do, space & respect.
Strengths: Compliant, calm, diplomatic, kind & loyal.
Things parents should know: "I like peace and harmony. I am kind and loyal. I like my space. I am my own person."
Things green teens could work on: Being too sensitive, asserting themselves, not staying to themselves too much, pushing for a faster pace, not being too gullible, not becoming overwhelmed.
The learning environment best for greens: Comfortable, personal, and steady with caring & kind teachers.

Green children:
Patient Peacekeepers, these green kids are typically tender with animals, other babies, children and their toys. In school, greens usually become friends with the 'underdog,' not wanting anyone to be excluded or left out. They have such pure motives, are compassionate and sensitive. Greens genuinely love and care about people. These children love school and take things slowly and steadily, trying not to get stressed out anymore than absolutely necessary. Greens don't want to overload themselves and can easily become overwhelmed. They like to take life steadily and practically and they like space and Independence with little outside demands on them. When green children become overwhelmed, the peace and harmony they need goes away and they become passive resistive and apathetic. They drop out emotionally and can become to overwhelmed to function.
Green children are kind, considerate and need to please.

for parenting green children or living with a green spouse:
* They like a life that is as conflict free as possible

Greem children need lots of:
*Acceptance for who they are and not what they do
* Help feeling like they have worth.
* Understanding that they have kind hearts.
* Respect
* Independance & time to themselves
----> Green children are often invisible. They quietly sit, steadily do their work and try to fit in so they don't draw attention to themselves. In a classroom setting, parents should talk to the teacher to make sure that their green child is being seen and that his or her needs are truly being met.

Specialities for greens are:
Balance, diplomacy, calm, cool, collected, kind, nice and easy to get along with, adaptable, being practical and having common sense, being pleasant and steady, cooperative, and concerned with how others feel.

It makes greens sad:
When people are angry, people are fighting, people are mean. When people are being ignored, or are being left out.

Green adults are considerate and value warm personal relationships. They have a strong sense of what people are feeling and have a collaborative, cooperative style and enjoy being part of a team or family. Environments that place high priority on teamwork suit them best. They are reliable and steady.

Greens don't want control, but they don't want to be controlled either. They enjoy life when everyone is "doing their own thing," especially them. They are independent, private and reflective. Doing things in their own space at their own pace suits them just fine. Greens don't typically get in a hurry to do anything. They don't like demands placed on them. They are patient and tolerant of others and want the same in return. They are moderate people who do not get "all riled up," about anything. Life is meant to be lived at a slow pace. When pushed to respond too rapidly, greens become overwhelmed and stubborn.

Greens are desirable companions. Their ability to support others often leads them to choose working in helping professions. They have good counseling skills. They are great listeners and clear thinkers but do not give advice, unless directly asked.

Even though greens value independence, they make wonderful friends and are great contributors to organizations. They are loyal, tactful, and thoughtful. Their easy going nature makes them adaptable, agreeable people who are willing to please others. They want to get along with everyone. This green group are great diplomats when caught in the middle. They are able to remain neutral and open with both sides. Greens are great at negotiating and mediating and can often speak the language of all personality types. Their balance and desire for right relationships lead them to their most important role as negotiator.

*Accept others.
*Believe everyone is created equal.
*Want to give & receive kindness.
*"Rights crusaders"-marching for anything from children to animal rights.


Greens have high standards for themselves. They have high ideals about people and life situations. They are endeavors of people. They tend to be eternal optimists when it comes to people--always believing for the greatest in them. They are the kindest human beings in the kingdom. They like to avoid conflict and therefore have amazing communication and conflict-resolution skills. They can be calm in the midst of a crisis and can remain calm in the general stresses of every day life.

To other personality colors, greens can appear weak, over-trusting, gullible and non-competent. They can become easily overwhelmed, lenient, indulgent, sentimental, co-dependents, timid, unmotivated, hesitant, uninvolved, weak and lazy.
Green peacekeepers, when pushed to their limit, are able to walk away from relationships without looking back. They are often unwilling to seek counseling or consider reconciliation at that point.

In a church setting, greens have the ability to collaborate and mediate.
Use them to interact with different types of people.

Greens fear:
Major life changes.
Major personal problems.
Overwhelming life circumstances being handled alone.

Stressors for greens:
Fast pace, disharmony, conflict and instability.

When stressed, greens:
--avoid or isolate
--"veges out", denies and are lazy.
--become couch potatoes.

They are compatible with people who are:
collaborative and supportive, helpmates for decisions, respect them for who they are, & not what they do.

They are incompatible with people who are:
controlling, pushy, loud, domineering & demanding.

To relax at the end of the day, greens like to:
watch TV, sit still, read a book, & mostly sleep.
Greens in my life are a calm to me.
Jeni is such a green that she wanted me to read the test to her and fill it out for her. She replies to me quietly, and is always indecisive.
By doing this test, I have understood that is not lazy or incompetent. She would just rather not involve herself completely if she doesnt have to.

I also learned alot about Jake. He views himself as a green teen who needs peace and balance. That explained alot to me. He doesnt see himself as this aggressive, domineering or pushy. Internally he is seeking approval, quiet and alone time.

Our children were running around the church during the colors seminar. Daniel was feeling overwhelmed by them bothering everyone. When the speaker asked for the greens to raise their hands, almost everyone did. I laughed hysterically and told Daniel that I would always make sure to sit next to greens in service because they will be the ones who either wont be bothered by our children, or wont tell us if they are.
That was my manipulative red coming out, and I'm not proud of it;)

Again, if you want more info about greens in your life or about yourself, email me! I have so much more to tell.
I appreciate the greens in my world almost more than anyone else. I am drawn to them and need their sensitive, loving spirits. They mean the world to me!

Tomorrow I will be trying to wrap this up, although I'm sure I will always incorporate it into my writing from this point on. I will be explaining how to interact with the different colors in your life and the needs of the people around you. This is the best part of the process for me, as I have learned so much!
Thanks for following this journey with me. I love you all!!!


Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness. Did you get inside of my head or what? I thought that after so much of the blue fit me, that you got it wrong and I was dominant in blue. Nope, I don't think there is one attribute of a green that I am not - wow. I am amazed. This is so fun. And my Cadi - she is a mix of green and yellow now that I think about it a lot. That's a strange mix. isn't it? And Scotty if it is not too early to tell - he's a green for sure. My sweet boy. This is awesome Ramee - just awesome!! Thanks for doing these posts and putting so much time into the tests and all - you're the best!

Amanda said...

Wow. I really thought blue was more me, but was like looking at me from the outside. I'm trying to figure out what my husband is...and I think he may be green with a tad bit of red thrown in. Very enlightening!!