Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moments with my boy.

There are moments, like these, when I feel the frustration inside of me build.
And build and build and build.
He may be little, but he knows better.
He must, right?
That's what his dad thinks, at least. I tend to excuse his usual, ornery behavior for his lack of understanding.
And then his dad & I argue.
This is common and typical.
It all seems so deliberate some days. This boy of mine wakes up and disobeys from the moment his feet hit the ground. He laughs in my face, disobeys again, and the circus continues.
I discipline. Discipline again. And again.
And it ends up feeling like it's all I do.
Which makes me sad, and leaves me feeling extremely guilty at the end of the day-
but I continue to do it in order to remain consistent.

And then there are moments like these...
when it all feels worth it; this mothering I'm doing.
And although these sweet, wonderful moments with my boy are often fleeting-
they are precious and perfect.

I often wonder how God feels about us, His children.
Does He feel that our actions against Him are deliberate? He knows they are.
But, in a single moment, it excites me to know that our Father in Heaven may be pleased with me, even if it is for just that moment.
Me. Little ol' me.

I pray as my children grow and learn, they will long to please and obey me in the ways that I long to love the Lord. I'm sure they will.
Their hearts are perfect. They just need constant guidance, direction and discipline.
And I will continue to do that in order to ensure that they receive the greatest gift they could ever be given--
the gift of loving on our Lord.
Happy Tuesday, Friends.

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