Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday rambles.

Today is feeling like a weird day. I haven't done much yet I'm exhausted. I just woke up from the kind of nap where I knew I was drooling, yet continued to do so. It was pretty awesome.

I had a great Mother's Day weekend and am gearing up for a pretty busy week. I'm excited to have things to do but am the kind of mom who enjoys a little bit of structure and time with my husband. So we'll have to figure out how to make it all work.

We get to see Mabel on Wednesday and I can hardly stand it. I love the 4-D sonograms! We had one done with each redhead and when they were born they looked identical to the images we had seen just a few weeks before. I am so anxious to see our girl and all her beautiful features!

Nora is calling Mabel: "Mabel Audrine Flower"
Braden is calling her: "Mabel Audream"

We had the young adults cookout on Saturday night and had a GREAT time with GREAT food! The kids had so much fun, but I didn't get any pictures. Can you believe that? I was so disappointed but enjoyed good conversation and fellowship which is all that really matters. The kids stayed up way too late thus allowing me to sleep in yesterday morning. It was awesome.

When Daniel finally came to bed at midnight, I was deliriously exhausted. He asked me if I farted. I was too tired to even speak. Another minute goes by and he asks again, "Did you fart?" I SCREAMED, "Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!"
2 minutes later (literally) he says to me, "Why are you screaming?" in the calmest voice ever.
I began hysterically laughing. and laughing some more. and more.
I still laugh now when I think about it because that is how tired I was.

Anyway, I hope you all had a good, and safe Monday. Nora and I are headed to our Mother/Daughter banquet at the church tonight and I'm excited to be sharing such a special event with her. Next year, I'll be taking both of my daughters with me♥
God is so good.


Rachel said...

oh my gosh-BOTH daughters *sigh*

The Wickershams said...

Hey Ramee! I came across your blog and am so happy to see things are going well for you. Your kids are DARLING-I will have to put you on my blog list to check in now and then...congrats on the baby on the way!

Sarah (Matherly) Wickersham

Ashleigh said...

HA. I have tears in my eyes from the fart part.

Firecracker said...

You two sound just like hubby and I with the farting talk....and @ bedtime, imagine that!

<<I hope we get to hear Rache's story soon, (I know I'm a pest) just an impatient faithful blog follower I guess!