Friday, May 7, 2010

prayer, flowers & announcements

Yesterday was the National Day of Prayer. It is an awesome time to reflect on our country, our God and all of things that we can accomplish by prayer as a body of believers. I felt guilty at the end of the night, because although I had a close-to-perfect day, I didn't spend any longer than usual in prayer. But the amount of time spent in prayer is not important, I must remember. It's the fact that I went to the Lord in prayer continuously through the day, like the Word instructs me to do. And I enjoyed every second of it.
"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus"
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
I have been wanting to put flowers at the front of our house in some big planting pots. And then I remembered that the front of our house is covered in shade. So I opted for fake flowers. I love the pots, but am thinking of adding some cute, white polka-dots to them. Although I don't know because the black goes with all my other outdoor decorations--my garden table is painted black, my bird house is black; even the star on our house matches. So for now, they will be black. This was my Mother's Day gift to myself. I wanted the house to bright, cheery and welcoming when I pulled up each day. It makes me smile.

I have been reading in a great book, "Worship Matters," by Bob Kauflin.
I find it intense and yet interesting. Daniel & I have both started reading pieces of it since I bought it awhile ago, but now I am diving in completely. In the last chapter I read about how we, as believers, need to stay cross-focused. In everything, I believe, but in this instance he was talking about during worship. The author tells about how, without Jesus & the cross, we wouldn't even have the ability to worship this Almighty God who is so powerful. It made me feel so small, finite and humble.

It's true and I love his point.
Without Jesus coming to be our middle man, we would have had no chance of even worshipping the Lord of nations. But Jesus is our mediator. The in-between for us and God. And I am so thankful. It is entirely important that we stay focused on Jesus and remain cross-minded. We ought not lose sight of what Jesus gave us the chance to do. And then we ought not take it for granted. It's amazing.

Daniel could use your prayers of strength today. We're hoping for a specific breakthrough in his life! It's an exciting time.

Ok and now for a couple announcements:

Tuesday (if it doesn't rain) I will be hosting a 'Mommy & Me' group here at my house. We will simply let the kids play from 10:30-12:30 while us mommy's sit around and talk. Please come!!!
I will do a quick devotion and have snacks.
Bring a lawn chair.

And secondly--
Our church is sponsoring a pretty huge event this summer that we'd love for you to be a part of. We are hosting an outdoor Christian concert with lots of bands on the square. Most of them play hard music, but are fairly well known. We are hoping to reach alot of people, but the concert is completely free! All we want you to do is come out, listen, eat, and enjoy yourselves!
Daniel & I may also be singing some worship. We're still praying!
If you have any questions, you can write me. I'll get you the contact information that you may want or need!

Ok for now, that's all I got. I may be back sometime later to post more...but most likely not. I'm going to soak up the redheads and saturate myself in the Lord. Today is a beautiful day!


Sarah said...

wow...i'm really wishing i wasn't in california right now. i would totally come to your mommy & me play day (super cute idea!). i hope you have a great turn out and enjoy yourself. today is military spouse appreciation day and i just wanted to give you a shout out. once a military spouse, always a miltary spouse. xoxo

MrsHenebry said...

That book sounds wonderful!!! In our weekly bible study that we go to we're watching this video series, that basically walks you through the holy land, and right now we're hangin' out with the Jews in Egypt. It was JUST showing the way the old temples were set up, with the holy rooms that only priests could go in. It's odd because I honestly NEVER knew that people couldn't go directly to the Father until Jesus came. They had to go through priests for any prayer concerns or atonement. So incredibly hard to even imagine, and then so awesome to realize that we DON'T have to do any of that!!

And PS, I SO wish I were there for your Mommy group and concert on the square!! What an AWESOME idea!!!!

Firecracker said...

I may have to come to your concert! Hubby's from Clinton and we used to go around that square when we were dating just to drive somewhere.
So it will be a journey back in time..
I may have to work though if I can't get it off. :(