Tuesday, May 18, 2010



I am a red. (making my full combo a red/yellow)
Daniel is a red. (making his full combo red/yellow)
We believe Nora & Braden both to have many traits of red children.
From the Bible, Paul was a red.

Red adults:
Value: Power, achievement & results
Want & Need: Control, respect for accomplishments & Independence
Strengths: Leadership, vision, perseverance & drive
Things reds could work on: Being non-judgemental, not so controlling & having more patience.

Red teens:
Value: Achieving, accomplishing, leading, making things happen
Want & Need: respect for accomplishments, independence, to be right, challenges.
Strengths: Leadership, achievement, vision, perseverance, drive
Things parents should know: "I'm wanting to earn independence, I like control, I have strong opinions & I like to win."
Things red teens could work on: Being non-judgemental, compassion, not so controlling, needing to always be right, being too competitive, and being less sarcastic.
The learning environment best for reds: Challenging, fast paced & competitive with competent, qualified teachers.

Red children:
Red children seem to be born in control, taking charge of the delivery room and demanding to see the credentials of the medical staff. These children seem to immediately view the world around them as incompetent, starting with their own parents. The children in this group have incredibly strong strengths and equally strong 'blind spots,' (areas that will take conscious work to improve.) Red children are driven, although they never go anywhere aimlessly. They set goals and go for the win. Reds are purposeful children. Accomplishments, achievements and results are important to them. Reds tend to be very competitive, sometimes even internally. It is hard for members of other groups to know whether reds are self-confident or arrogant. Most are self confident. I recently heard someone say that they never met a red who didn't like being a red. Reds are confident in who they are. Reds have such strong personalities that it is often hard for members of other groups to get close to them. Some even say that reds seem cold, calculating and even arrogant.

Because there is such a huge contrast between this personality type and the others, reds can sometimes make people feel inadequate or insecure.
Sometimes bossy, aggressive, intolerant and controlling, reds can often be hard on people, but most need to remember they are usually much harder on themselves.
Reds take on a task and let nothing stand in their way of completing that task. They can never achieve enough.
Reds are the most aggressive of the 4 personality types.

Children in this group enjoy multiple tasks and interests. They lead and achieve. Being busy is a huge trait to the red group. Over-achiever is the best term to describe this group of children.
for parenting red children or living with a red spouse:
* Reds like to be in charge of our lives. We want to do it our way and get things done!

Red children need lots of:
* Respect for the results they achieve
* Credit for their talents and abilities.
* To do it theirselves
* To do right
* Approval for their accomplishments
* Trust that they can do it because we have done other things well.
---->Reds need to be made to feel competent.

Reds make quick decisions, they have the ability to plan ahead, make things happen and get results. They usually trust themselves more than others and feel ingenious.

Reds are angered by:
-People who do it wrong or slowly
-Doing something for someone who does it wrong
-Lazy people
-When things are out of control and people who let them take control.

Reds need help with:
-Learning to be compassionate
-Treating others with TLC
-Valuing people for who they are & not what they can do for them.
-Not needing to always be in control
-Not needing to always be right

Red adults take a direct approach to life. They like information and communication to be bottom line and to the point.
Reds tend to write with a general statement, followed by bullets (like how I have been writing all week.)

Reds are DRIVEN people.
They are often optimistic & positive, resourceful & pragmatic, self-directed, self motivated, disciplined about achieving goals, strong-willed, independent, self-sufficient, relentless pursuers of results, competitive, workaholics, & performance addicts.

Reds typically only produce results in areas that interest them. They are take-charge people who are decisive and quick. They enjoy the challenge of a fight, and like the win even more. They are not afraid to take risks to get what they want.
Reds would rather make things happen than deal with people in a stressful situation. They feel much more competent than what others seem.

Look at the leadership in your life, and you may just find a red in charge. They tend to end up in leadership because they are effective at directing people and situations in order to accomplish the goal in a timeline. Reds are excellent delegators.
For reds, doing is more important than being.

Reds like to get things done and they like to do them their way. They get bored with anything that is not "big picture."
Reds need everyone to be competent and capable.
They are not always in tune with people's feelings.

Reds like quick and practical solutions:
--If a picture needs hung on a wall, a red will hang it. A blue will take the time to measure each inch and then think about the placement of the picture many times before they hang it. Reds don't have time for the details they just need to "get er done." And they usually do it right, or at least feel like they did.

*Command Respect

Reds are usually correct, but are not always popular. Nicknames include:
--Shaker & Mover
--King of the Jungle

Reds are always looking for competency in everyone.
A red has no room for incompetence.
Everyone has opinions, but this red group feels it is an injustice to share theirs.
Clutter & Excess are ineffective to reds.
Reds are broad shouldered. They are out in front of most situations, carrying the major part of the responsibility load.
Reds want it done their way, preferably yesterday with speed and efficiency. Oh and if you can read a red's mind so they don't have to explain themselves to you--that's good too;)

To others, reds may seem opinionated, controlling, abrasive, impatient, arrogant, demanding, dictatorial, aloof, tactless, hasty, egotistic, bossy, argumentative, selfish, and self absorbed.

In a church setting, reds can be used as leaders.
Ask them to create a vision, give strategies, make things happen or get things done!
They are self-educating, highly intense individuals.
They ask & tell directly.
Reds fear loss of control, being seen as incompetent (thus the constant self educating), and loss of respect.

Under stress reds will become verbally aggressive, domineering, manipulative assertive, and blunt.

They are compatible with people who are:
self-assured, competent, doers, who will make it happen.

They are incompatible with people who are:
Lazy, ineffective, weak, incompetent or non-productive.

To relax at the end of the day reds like to:
Strategize more, think more, and exercise harder.
So as you can see, reds are intense!
I am a born red. Through and through.
I understand some of my personality traits that are difficult for members of other groups to function with and I pray daily about them.

For instance, I tend to come off very abrasive and opinionated.
I often feel like I am right. (because I usually am<---my red thinking).
I cannot stand people to make me feel uneducated or incompetent. I am a grown adult and can make smart and healthy decisions based on my own knowledge and understanding. Reds don't need a college education to be confident in their knowledge. They are witty and smart naturally.

Daniel was a born yellow but he believes that he is a learned red.
He was raised with a red dad.
In this case, it squelched his yellow which saddens me deeply.
Daniel dominates in his parenting as a red. For instance, reds like to say "Because I said so. Bottom line."
I am a red by a long shot, but more yellow in my parenting, so it's a good balance.

Reds also thrive on arguing or fighting. They like to have the last word. To find out that we were both red/yellows was a huge shock to us. We were told that to have 2 of this combination in one home was a dynamic thing.

We are learning that it can be great, or it can be really bad. And that is why I believe I am so excited to be on this journey. I am noticing traits of Daniel that I didn't before and am understanding his need to have such control. I hope he is doing the same with me.

Nora and Braden both have alot of red in them, even as small children. If you give red children choices, they often will avoid the options and go directly to what they want.
For instance, a conversation we had with Nora not long ago...
"Where do you want to go eat, baby? Monicals or Dairy Queen?"
Nora answers, "I want El Reys and only El Reys."
She wasn't being bratty--she just knew what she wanted.
Others (and even us, at times) would view that behavior as being bad, but we are learning...

Reds know what they want and will not allow anything to stand in their way of getting it.
Daniel becoming a Marine is a good example, because everything was stacked against him. But he accomplished his goal because he could seeing nothing else. It had to be that way or no way.

If you know me, you know a red.
From what I can tell, being a red woman and being a red man can sometimes view differently. Not that either is better or worse, but women seem to channel their red better. Men tend to be a little more dominating.
Last night we were at Jake's ballgame and his coach and a few other men there were being abrasive reds. It was obnoxious and quite honesty, uncalled for.
The boys on Jake's team are 11-13. Winning, in this instance, just isn't everything and these men are showing poor sportsmanship by acting the way that they were.

Once again, I have many more examples and much more information. If you are a red, or want to know more--email me!
Have a good day. Til tomorrow, friends....


brandy said...

Ramee~ I haven't gotten a chance to do the test yet that you sent.. but by reading this I know I have some red in me! :-)
I'm interested to see what Green holds! :-)

Billy's Mommy said...

I would really like to take this test if you could email it to me. My husband is a Red by far. The whole time I was reading this post I saw my husband. My email is duckie0485@yahoo.com THANKS!

Firecracker said...

This sounds like me in more ways than one, except the achieving part, i hope to be more achieving...although it is funny that your red...as a redhead...i'm hoping i'm a red redhead as well! lol

Anonymous said...

Wow, this my husband completely. He does have a few blue traits, but red totally....this really helps me to understand him more.
Can't wait to read about green!