Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday rambles.

It is Sunday. I love Sundays. Cloudy, calm (well somewhat) and just restful. It's nice.

Mabel has the hiccups. She usually gets them twice a day. The redheads only had them a couple times each. This child gets them multiple times a day! It's crazy. But I love it.

I didn't take the kids to church this morning. Daniel went but I got up a little later and was just exhausted. And my body hurts. My ribs and back especially. We are heading to evening service in a little while.
Nora is exhausted too. She'll probably cry.

Lindsay brought the kids over. I got to see baby Chloe, who is growing like a weed. Our kids fought, yelled and annoyed the whole time. We yelled back. It was typical.

Heidi escaped when they first got here, which figures because she hadn't had a bath for what seemed like months and I just gave her one this morning. Then she ran all over the wet, muddy yard and entire neighborhood. My mom came and left at which time Nora opened the door and Heidi escaped again. Twice in one day. Score. I no longer chase the dog. I refuse. She will either come back or she won't.

Speaking of dogs, my mom ran over her beagle puppy last week. Living on the farm, we have seen many a dogs hit by cars. It's a sad thing and I hate it. But it's always sort of been a reality for us.

I haven't gone to the chiropractor in a few weeks but need to go back. My tailbone has been feeling better until today. It's just time.

Daniel has to go to a mandatory Marine Corps muster this weekend. He is officially off of 'inactive duty' in a couple of months. I forgot he was still considered inactive at all. I think we are all going to try to go to St. Louis with him, but with Nora & her car sickness, we could use your prayers:)

I'm reading multiple books right now.
My Bible Study lesson.
Our young adults lesson on the Holy Spirit by Kenneth Hagen (highly recommended!)
Kate Gosselin's new book (so far so good.)
The Kid Book (obsessing over this one!)

Back to colors of personalities--thank you to those of you who emailed me about taking the test! I'm so glad you did!
Are you still interested? Just email me and I'll email you the test to take immediately!

14% of people are yellow.
38% of people are blue.
11% of people are red.
37% of people are green.
What are you?
I'll reveal facts about each color this week and tell you who in my life relates to that specific group. I can't wait to dive into this little series with you all!

Some of you have read about my friend, Tiffany, from her blog, "A Moment Cherished."
Tiffany is an amazing mother and an awesome woman of God. Her family just revealed this past week that they are going to be adopting a baby from Ethiopia! It is an incredible thing to be led of God and to listen to His calling. They are passionate about their journey. I would love it if you would head over to her blog and read more about their story. They even have a few places where you can help contribute to their adoption fund. I have been praying and seeking God as to how He wants me to help them because I want to be careful to give what He would have me to and not be led by my own emotions. But, be led my friends.
This is an incredible story that would be wonderful to become a part of!

Alright, time to rally the troops.
See you all tomorrow.

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Tiffany said...

You're amazing Ramee. Simply amazing. Your prayers have meant the world to me.