Saturday, May 29, 2010

Underwear & summertime.

I went back through my archived posts this morning.
On this exact day last year I wrote about how Braden (at 20 months old) spent the whole morning crying, whining and fussing. Although I don't remember the particular day [because it was/is so typical for him to have acted/act this way] I can sit back and sigh a little today.

Because although this boy is still needy, and very high maintenance, we are embarking on a new journey with him.
That's right. He is officially using the big boy potty!
I wasn't going to potty train him until after Mabel came. I thought it would be too difficult. And in all honesty, I'm still not set on doing it fully. However, he seems pretty intent on it being HIS way when he's screaming at me from the other room, "Mommy I have to pee again!"
Go figure.
It's just like my kid to do it in his own time completely solo.
After all, Nora weaned herself from nursing, weaned herself from formula before a year old, weaned herself from the binky, started potty training on her own, etc.
Braden has been a little slower in some areas, but for the most part, he is like minded with his sister when it comes to being independent and stubborn.

So as you can see, I am enjoying the first few days of our hot summer seeing my boy in his lovely underpants. His body is to die for. He delights me.
He frustrates me. But he delights me.
We planted our flowers yesterday. It was hard work but they look great! Other than getting Mabel's room done and a few things organized, that was the last big thing on my list to accomplish before having her! Seems crazy to think she will be here so soon.
Nora & Braden both helped us plant the flowers; now we just can't wait to watch them grow!

As I have mentioned quite a few times through this pregnancy, I basically stopped cooking when Mabel started;) However, this week I felt like we needed some summer meals in our life!
I sat down and planned out our meals for the next week, made a list and headed to the store. It is so nice to have all fresh fruits and vegetables in our fridge. Yesterday Braden and I made homemade strawberry Popsicles out of strawberries and kool-aid. For lunch I had a turkey & cheese roll-up like I used to eat when I was losing weight. It was so good, light and fresh.
For dinner I marinated chicken in a citrus-honey blend and grilled it. It was amazing as well. Feels good to have back some control of what we're putting into our bodies. Because although I have enjoyed the oreo binges late at night and gaining all of this weight to make a healthy babe, I cannot wait to begin fueling my body for weight loss as soon as she arrives.
The control of it all is what I crave.

Anyway, just had to throw in a weekend update.
Birthday parties, friends and cookouts in the next few days!
It's officially summer!!!
Oh & for lunch

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