Tuesday, May 25, 2010

week in review...

While I was busy writing all about colors last week, there was alot going on in our world!

For instance, we made life-size images of the kids, which they decorated.
This was after a long day when daddy had to go to the church for worship practice. I had little to no energy left to spend, and thought they'd enjoy coloring pictures of themselves. They had the great idea to make Mabel, as well.
And of course when I wanted something to just be easy after a long day, Braden steps up in all of his glory...
We got some new clothes (for Mabel) that Nora felt like she needed to wear...
...and a new kazoo from church...
Daniel has been getting a couple extra days off of work each week, and although I stressed about that at first, I have really appreciated having him around more. Last week he took advantage of his day off and spent some alone time with his little lady.
They went to the lake and had a great couple of hours!!!
As you can see, the kids dress themselves around here--
[and that is ok with me]

Nora has been sporting some new sunglasses. When she wears them she calls herself, "Looking good!" It's delightful.
...And me...
Well, I have been feeling rather Huge. Swollen. Hot. Miserable.
Yet today, I woke up feeling refreshed and beautiful.
Motherly & pregnant.
Grateful and powerful.
Renewed by the strength of an awesome God.
Deeply in love with my husband.
And fulfilled in my role as this woman.

Things here never slow down, but I am grateful for these days. Last night I watched Daniel spray the redheads with the hose and I listened to their giggles. I listened so intently as I made dinner in the kitchen. I purposed in my heart not to forget those few precious moments when I heard them happy and laughing.

Before I fell asleep last night I laid next to Daniel and I watched him breathe. I watched his cheekbones, deep as they are, and I focused on his every detail in the dark. I am desperately in love with him--more now than ever. And I'm not just saying it. There have been a few pregnancy-induced, drama-filled arguments in the last couple of months and yet as I looked at him last night I realized I am in the midst of this life with this man who God chose for me. And nothing else really matters. We are making it.
And we aren't just 'making it' or 'getting by.'
We are doing it with passion, love, forgiveness, patience, grace and alot of mercy-
Not just for one another, but from God.
And that is fulfilling to the deepest degree.

I also looked at him and the children at some point yesterday and came to the conclusion that soon things will be changing. We will inevitably go into survival mode for a few weeks after Mabel joins the clan. We will do everything we can just to get by and it will challenge us. But, we will once again get through it and with alot of strength! This family is built on Christ, our rock, and we cannot be shaken.
Of that I am certain.

So here we are in the next week. The one where the busyness continues once again. I go to the Dr. tomorrow...and then we have almost nothing else planned. It's a good feeling. Just heat, Popsicles and sprinklers.
Loving on the redheads, their daddy & life.


Ashleigh said...

I can always relate so much to the things you say. After 7 years of alot of stress, heartache and anger, I feel so free in the fact that Kyle and I are no longer just "getting by" or "just making it". My brain, heart, stomach, even my eyes havent felt as heavy as they once did. It's a great great great feeling.

You look beatiful btw and I love the life-size drawings of the kids :)

Anonymous said...

I agree as well! Adam and I have never ever felt we were just 'getting by' at least not in the love we share in our marriage. In money, definitely, but that's getting better. In other things, yes. But our love for each other has never waned.

Those drawings of the kids are amazing! Such a great idea!