Monday, May 3, 2010

What to do on a rainy day.

Happy Momentous Monday!
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On Friday, the house was still.
Braden was sleeping and my lady was bored.
I used to have tons of energy to be creative every day but now that it is getting nice outside, we find ourselves enjoying the sunshine more and more...
...but on a rainy day, what's a redheaded 3 year old to do?
Finger painting, of course!
I love her ideas and creativity.
I love her ability to think of something and make it.
She is using her imagination and amazing me with her thinking.
I sat with her on the floor for awhile, but needed to get up after a few minutes.
She was instructed to keep the paint on the paper...
We still need some work on 'listening to directions.'
But I did have to giggle.
These are the moments being little are made of.
And I want to remember them forever...


Jenilee said...

you are incredibly brave! :) painting on the hardwoods? :) :) I understand though. sometimes letting them do those fun childhood things is so important and so full of making memories! :)

Tiffany said...

Oh, I love this! I love your enthusiasm for being a mommy. I love how you let your kids be just that - kids!! Thanks for linking up!

Firecracker said...

I cringed over the hardwood for like a blip, and then, i saw her face, and i got over it! ha ha! the joy you bring them, they'll remember forever, i did that once only with making cookies, let two little ones chase each other and me with flour ALL over! best times! "these are the moments, i thank god that i'm alive, these are the moments, i know heaven must exist."
"i've found all i've waited for, and i could not ask for more!"
how's rachel and the baby? good i hope!
can't wait to hear her story!!