Monday, May 17, 2010


So you've taken other personality tests. I heard it from many of you. This one, I believe will help change your thinking about everything from yourself & who you were created to be to your marriage, children & everyone around you.
I am obsessing about this entire experience-but for good reason.
I am seeing people in color. And I am accepting their qualities as part of who they were designed to be and not just attributes that they possess that they 'shouldn't,' or that they should 'learn to change.'

It's been eye opening and enlightening for both Daniel & myself when dealing with our children. It has given us a freedom with one another.
It has helped us to see the strengths of all of us in the body of Christ.
Many of you have emailed me and taken the test. If you still want to, please do!

For now, I'm gonna dive right in. Please keep in mind that if I am not talking about your color today it is still important for you to read on. Someone in your life is this color, without a doubt. They may not have taken the test, but you'll know them after you read about their personality type in detail. Maybe it's your child and this will help give you the tools you need to help you equip them exactly the way they need you to, rather than the way you need to.
Do you understand?
It's about making ourselves and everyone around us valid in who they are and allowing them to function in their self completely.
There are no 'bad,' or 'wrong' colors, so keep that in mind.

Today we are starting with Yellows.

Some of you will end up with a second color after you take the test.
My second color is yellow. Daniel's second color is yellow.
My brother, Jake, is a yellow teen (his second color).
Braden is a yellow child through and through.
From the Bible, Peter was a yellow.

Yellow Adults...
Value: Relationships, Freedom, Variety & Fun
Want & Need: Recognition, socialization, verbal affirmations, attention & approval.
Strengths: Inventive, intuitive, fun & persuasive, motivating
Things yellows could work on: Organizing time, materials and priorities.

Yellow Teens:
Value: Social life & relationships
Want & Need: Attention, approval, praise, popularity, recognition
Strengths: Inventive, intuitive, entertaining, energetic, motivational
Things parents should know: "I like to have fun, I am optimistic and positive, freedom is important to me."
Things yellow teens could work on: Organizing time & materials, focus, priorities, honesty & self discipline.
The learning environment best for yellows: Casual, interactive, social with lots of choices & options, and fun teachers.

Yellow Children:
Yellow children like life and themselves unless someone tells them otherwise. They have a zest for life that spills energy and joy to those around them. They have a beckoning call to join them. Yellow children want to live life to the fullest, with as much fun as possible without missing anything. They never want to be left out.
These children are busy, animated, fast-paced and can seem flighty to others. Their activities are random and scattered. They are easily distracted because life is so wondrous and they don't want to miss a thing. These children are free spirited with huge imaginations and the courage and risk to go for it. These children are not always sure where they are going, but they are going! Often, if you have a yellow child, you will know it at birth. There is an immediate energy about them.

*Highly verbal.
*They like words and are very articulate, even as young children.
*Big hearts and love for people.
*Express emotions & feelings well and often.
*They often have a sixth sense about people around them. They often sense how others may be feeling and are tuned in to that.
*Very candid-tell it like it is.
*Often better talkers and doers.

An idea a minute pops into the heads of this yellow group. Yellows are great at brainstorming and thinking up wild and crazy things. Starting is always fun for a yellow but they often don't finish. Just starting is enough.
Ideas come first for yellows, then starting their idea. Finishing is always least important. Mastery is unimportant because completion seems boring and repetitious. Yellows do nothing boring if they can help it.

for parenting yellow children or living with a yellow spouse:
*They are high energy.
*They do not like routine or repetition.
*They often have too many ideas to focus on just one.
*They are so busy experiencing and promoting life, they can't stay in one place for long.
*They bore easily and can become very impulsive
----->Yellow children may be viewed as having A.D.D.
[once you understand that being yellow is who God made them to be, you may experience a deep freedom from finding excuses for their 'behavior.']
*Yellows don't need you to squelch their yellow, but embrace it.

Yellow children need lots of...
-Attention ("Watch me, listen to me")
-Approval ("Did I do good?" I need to know.)
-Affection (I operate with my heart. Hug Me. Love me.)
-Audience (Please watch me play out my life!)
-Applause (I'm a performer. I need to see & hear your approval.)
-Acceptance (Don't leave me out! I must be included.)
-Affirmations (Keep telling me how wonderful I am. I live for praise!)

Yellows have a zest for life! They are spontaneous people who love variety and hate to feel restricted to routine. Yellow adults often use personal charm & strong social skills to influence their world. They can usually fit in with anyone around them. Yellows are youthful in manner, joking & playful. Yellow adults tend to be very decisive. They do not "sweat the small stuff." The yellow group is not bogged down by maps, directions or details. They would much rather wing it. Yellows will often tell you something very directly, yet ask you something very indirectly. They enjoy a stimulating, fast-paced and congenial environment.
When this yellow group gets stressed, they may talk loud, become obnoxious, and impulsive and/or do shocking attention-getting things.

Yellow children need choices and if you allow them to choose, they will feel pride and accomplished at making the right choice for them. If there is a yellow person in your life, you know it. They are the life of the party--always telling grand stories and sometimes exaggerating the truth to make something sound more appealing. They view life as being fun and don't live within the limitations that other color groups have set for themselves. If you are not a yellow, their behavior may make you feel uncomfortable. They may seem unfocused, undriven and sporadic.

Yellows are charming, flexible, positive, very friendly, great volunteers, delightful, fun-loving, spontaneous, unique and usually have excellent communication skills. They are creative and inventive. If there is a musician in your life, he or she may be a yellow. Pay attention, you'll know!

If you are a yellow, you may appear to others as too loose or commercial, phony or cunning, self-serving, uncommitted with not alot of follow-through, shallow, foolish, impulsive or forgetful, nonconforming & a non-stop talker. These are things you could work on in this yellow group.

Yellows make great "greeters" in a church setting.
If you are a pastor or pastor's wife and need someone for the job, ask a yellow (if they haven't already volunteered!)
Yellows would also be great in a church setting by recruiting others, enlisting others, coming up with new ideas, building and maintaining relationships, encouraging others & inspiring others.

They are compatible with people who are:
Possibilities oriented, people oriented, who have heart & who enjoy life.
They are incompatible with people who are:
Uptight, non-flexible, serious, boring or narrow-minded.

To relax at the end of the day, a yellow likes to:
Go out to dinner with friends, go shopping, or go somewhere new.
Ok so that sums up a yellow. I have so much information, so if yellow is one of your colors or if you want to take the test to be sure, please email me if you'd like more info. Remember that even if this personality type sounds like you, there are 3 more types and it may not be your main or only color.

Like I mentioned, Daniel's second color is a yellow. After hearing that, I felt immediately sad for him and his position as a mailman because I learned that this type of person has a hard time with repetition. He needs variety to motivate him.
It helped me understand the frustration he feels at the end of a long day.
Also, I believe that yellow used to be Daniel's first color with his other color being more of a learned personality type. I'll explain more of that later.

How do I know that Braden is a yellow child?
If you have a yellow child--you will just know it.
Busy, talkative, demanding, center of attention, loving, & funny.
These kids liked to be praised just for being alive.
"Braden, You're a good boy, buddy."
Face lights up. Eyes widen.
"Thankssss mommyyyy!" as if his life is complete because I recognized his goodness just for breathing. They need that.

Peter was a yellow for many reasons. One being that when Jesus wanted him to step out of the boat, he didn't think twice. Peter was like, "Ok Jesus! That sounds fun, let's do it!"

Later in the week, after I have revealed each color, I will write about how each color can interact with the others. I will talk about how a yellow dad can interact with his children of possibly other colors, or how a yellow wife can help her blue husband understand her needs better and vice versa.
I hope you'll stick around and continue to dive into this with me!

If it's still confusing, you'll understand more as we go. This is not just another personality test. Most of them tell you about traits of your personality. This test will reveal things to you about who you were created to be at your very core. It was explain who the Lord made you to be. It is amazing and I am in awe!
I am better embracing myself and the people around me.
I know you will too!


Tiffany said...

Ramee - This is awesome and soooo fun! I just love seeing how God created us all uniquely. Cannot wait to read the rest.

MrsHenebry said...

I love these!!!! I've done these before, and I'm definitely a yellow :) If you like stuff like this, you would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Five Love Languages!!! Doc and I did FLL at our marriage retreat, and OH MY GOSH, talk about enlightening!!! It was amazing....the personality tests certainly are great, and they work really well in conjunction!!!

rameelin said...

We did the five love languages, Tammy, and loved it. That describes your needs in a marriage and I love that, but this has seriously opened my eyes to life all around me and everyone's colors. How they work together in the body of Christ, the home and in every relationship. It's just awesome--and yes, you are a yellow my dear. Through & through:) Kindred spirits, you and I!

MrsHenebry said...

Oh good! I'm glad you liked the Love Languages...that's helped us with each other and our parenting!! Thank you for posting these descriptions of the this stuff, I cannot get enough of things like this! It really helps me accept others and not be closed-minded in my ways of communication, etc. I'll definitely be looking forward to your blog this week!! :)