Wednesday, June 16, 2010

34 weeks && Nora's haircut!

Today marks 34 weeks in this pregnancy.
*I have not gained any more weight.
*This picture was taken yesterday and since then my hair has turned back to it's original red.
It is getting increasingly hard to:
*Chase Heidi when she escapes 3 times a day.
*Carry the redheads.
*Paint my toenails.
*Do the dishes (due to the large belly.)

*My tailbone hasn't been as painful lately, but I feel it from time to time.
*My leg almost never hurts anymore, so I'm counting this pregnancy as a great healing from the Lord!
*I still have a bumpy rash, but turns does Daniel. I'm just not sure what it could be; but I am VERY thankful that it isn't poison ivy like we got this time last year. Do you remember? It was the most awful month of my life!
*In case you're keeping track--
in 4 short weeks we will be meeting our newest babe! It's just as exciting as the first time around!!!

I have alot of people in my life who are hair stylists. Danielle was home this past weekend and Nora was whispering to her, "Just cut my hair Danielle. It can be a secret. Don't tell mommy...just do it."
Mommy heard her.
And mommy said no.
"Aunt Jeni's feelings would be hurt, baby. We'll let Aunt Jeni cut your hair soon..."
So Aunt Jeni comes over yesterday to bleach my hair back to it's normal color and Nora is whispering to her as well.
This time mommy says, "We have to call & ask your daddy..."
(He's one of those dads. You know the kind who wants their baby girl's hair to stay long forever...) It's sweet and I love him for it.
Nora says to me, "No. I don't wanna call daddy. Daddy will say no. Let's just cut it."
I texted daddy.
He said we could giver her a trim to get rid of the frizzy, dead ends.
[[He didn't say the frizzy, dead ends part. I may have used that as a way to ease him into the idea a bit...]]
Turns out she really did have alot of frizzy, baby hair.
Although she looks terrified, it was like she was growing up before my eyes...
and she was loving it!
Slowly, with a new haircut came a new attitude. One that was sassy and stylish.
We took a picture of her hair after we were done and sent it to daddy...
Daddy seemed mad! His text read,
So I called him.
I told him how excited she was and to make sure he acknowledged how beautiful it looked when he got home.
He did.
Later in the evening I heard Nora & daddy at the kitchen table, talking over milk and brownies. Daddy said, "does your hair make you feel sassy lady?"
Nora said, "No. It makes me feel pretty," as she flipped it with her hands for the 100th time.
She looks like a 4 year old.
Hard to believe that in a few short weeks, she will be.
Where is my baby?
I can still see her in there.
But I am so proud of this young lady that is growing before me.
She is one of my greatest joys.
Nora has known that lying is a 'sin' for many months now. We have been trying to get her to understand that even if she is going to get in trouble for something she did, she should always tell the truth about it. We've had some trouble with helping her understand the importance of telling the truth and never lying, but last night we had a major breakthrough!
Although she still got punished for kicking her brother, she got praised for looking at me and telling the truth! It was an awesome moment; one that I want to remember forever! The Lord is at work in our children and it humbles me every day.


Tiffany said...

I love your posts. Really. Nora looks beautiful! Cadi's daddy is the EXACT same way about her hair. I took 5 inches off yesterday, but it is not even noticeable. {sigh}
You look beautiful!! You really do wear pregnancy so well, Ramee.
Is there a story to your hair? I must know what made you go back? I used to change my hair as often as my clothes in college. Whenever I would go to visit Jim's family his dad would say "and what color are you today?" . lol I went from bleach blonde to brunette to bright red and everything in between!

rameelin said...

This is the truth about the hair situation:
I used to dye it all the time. Since having the kids, I have let Jeni highlight it and mess with it some, but nothing drastic. Hormones cause me to be VERY impulsive, so usually a person knows I'm PMSing when my hair is a different color. Pregnancy this time is apparently having the same effect on me. However, I sat in my room the other night and literally thought, "If I go into labor soon and have to have hospital pictures-I want my hair to look somewhat natural--what was I thinking?" So I dyed it back. haha. Craziness...