Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear Nora,
I know the Lord has big plans for you.
I knew it right away, even when you were growing inside of me. I knew it for many reasons, but mostly because immediately the enemy started to come against your daddy & I. Silly satan! He began weaving us into a lie that involved a spiritual battle like we had never experienced. He was trying to come in and destroy our marriage, and deceive us with a church that brought lots of pain to our hearts. Thankfully, daddy & I were able to see through it, pray to the Lord, gain strength in one another and come out on top with the enemy under our feet!!! Always remember, baby, the enemy comes to steal and kill and destroy. The Lord comes to bring life and bring it more abundantly! And with you He brought to our lives GREAT abundance of joy!
I love you Nora. You're one of my greatest gifts.

Dear Braden,
I know the Lord has big plans for you as well!
I knew God had big plans for you when I found out you were inside of me rather unexpectedly. To be honest, buddy, God had a plan for you long before I could think of you. That is a pretty special thought! I knew for certain that He had a great and master plan for your little life when I was very close to delivering you. Once again, the enemy came into mine & daddy's life in a strong way. He made it feel very scary and overwhelming. He wriggled his way into our marriage once again and caused me to question things I never should have had to question. He attacked daddy's body physically and it was a very challenging time. But once again, your dad & I made it a point to bind together as one and overcome the lying devil. We made sure to let him know that we were not allowing him to take our marriage, our trust, our bodies, and definitely not YOU, our children.
When satan comes to attack your life, Braden, always know that daddy & I are prepared to fight him with you! Never be afraid or worried. The Bible warns us in 1 Peter 5:8 to be watchful for the enemy. It tells us clearly that he prowls around like a lion just waiting for someone to devour. But the Bible also says that he is defeated!
There is a great and deep calling on your life Braden. Even after you were born, you challenged us. I felt troubled, exhausted and frustrated many days. But the Lord kept whispering gently to my spirit that YOU would do mighty things with your voice for Him. I cannot wait to see what He has in store for you and I will never, ever stop praying that you would be used for the things of the Lord!

You're a lovely boy, buddy. I love you more than you know.

Dear Mabel,
You guessed it! I already KNOW that the Lord has huge plans in store for you......and here's why...
When you began growing in my tummy, the enemy showed up in my spirit. I was vulnerable and immediately he consumed me with fear. Because I have hidden the word of God in my heart, I know that fear is not given by God. 2 Timothy 1:7 reads, "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind." Although it was difficult, I clung to this word like it was life; ultimately because it is. I depended on many verses while you were growing inside of me during those early weeks so that I was sure I was depending on the Lord and His promise for you and not on the devil who speaks lies.
And now, as the time is drawing near to bring you into this world, the enemy must truly be terrified! In fact, when I look back through all of my pregnancies I am more than convinced that he feels the need to 'step up his game' near birth-day for fear that we are birthing Jesus-lover's into this world. And we are. And he should be afraid.
God chose you...and your brother and sister long ago for a great task. It is an awesome thought to know that satan trembles in fear over you being born, Miss Mabel.
He is trying many things. He is mostly attacking your daddy right now. Both physically and mentally, but mostly in spiritual ways. Let me assure you, however, that your daddy is a tough guy. He is resting in the promises of God and depending on the Lord to bring restoration into his body and spirit. I will give you the more intimate details of how satan is coming into your dad's body someday but let me just make it clear that he is trying everything to discourage us.
For now, Mabel, we are focused on God and on you. Your life and all that is in store for you excites me! I cannot wait to see what God has planned, but I know that it is great!
You're such a sweet reward, my love and I will love you forever.

I love you all. You are so unique and precious. God has already begun a mighty work in you! Be prepared, children, because when the Lord begins to move in your life so does the devil. I am doing my best to teach you the Word so that you can hide it in your own hearts and draw from that precious well when you need it (and even when you don't.) Please know that we have covered your lives in prayer from the second we were aware of your growing bodies. Your minds, spirits and all that you are made up have been claimed for Jesus. Someday you will have to make your own choice about who you will serve but I am confident that the hand of God is upon your hearts and you will choose with clarity and power!
You are all so vital to this world and to our lives. Be brave and have courage and you will always come out with victory over the lies of satan! Never be afraid. The Lord is with you...
...and so are we.
I love you all.

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