Thursday, June 10, 2010


Before today's post, I wanted to start by clearing up just a few things.
First of all, if God reveals something to me that I share on my blog, please know that it may not always be for you. It is something that you will have to check in your own spirit. I am not claiming to bring deep hidden messages that will change your entire world because it was revealed to me. The Holy Spirit is so intimate. So delicate. In order for you to receive something from someone who the Lord uses to reveal something to, you must use discernment and depend on the Spirit in you.

Secondly, I started this blog many years ago for my friends and family that lived far from us and ultimately for our children--that someday they will be able to have reference to their lives in a written and personal way.
I never want to lose sight of the fact that this is for the babies and for our loved ones. I don't want to become so audience-minded that I am filtering what I write because I am worried or concerned about what 'my readers' may think.
I appreciate and love you all more than you could ever know. But it is unlike me to hold back on speaking about something or writing about something because someone may disagree with that which I'm talking about. I am an authentic person to the core and my only desire is that I remain that way. I pray that is a huge part of what draws you to read here in the first place!
It turns out Daddy is more of a fisherman than what I originally thought.
It also turns out that our children may be as well.
Nora, in her calm demeanor, has the patience to sit and wait. She has the gentleness to appreciate what it means to throw out a line, and wait for the catch.
This will serve her well in her spiritual future.
Braden, in his more aggressive personality, has the will and determination to get it right. He will persist until the fish is on the pole. He doesn't go deep into thought, rather deep into intention. This is a gift of his and I know God is already using it in his life.
My redheads are similar.
Yet oh so different. And I love their unique qualities...
Their dad is a patient man in terms of waiting.
He can sit, think, wait, and sit some more. He is learning to use these same qualities in other areas of his life and I see God doing a work in him. It is such an awesome experience to see him fathering and shepherding his children.
Yesterday, while fishing, I could see God in so many ways.
We long to make others into disciples of Jesus. But even before that, we must disciple our own children so that they will one day have the same desire. It is deep within us to see them prosper in their growth of the Lord.
He has His hand all over our redheads.
After a long day at the beach and practice-fishing, Daddy decided he wanted to take Nora all by herself to see if she could catch her first fish.
She did. And then 3 more!
She was so proud and I am proud of her!
I have a similar memory of my first fishing experience. My dad took Jeni & I and we ended up catching one fish each. Mine was big. Jeni's was small. It was a good time.
I couldn't have been much older than 6. But the memory of spending time with my dad is special to me and I pray Nora will cherish this time with her father as well.

In fact, I pray that as we spend time fishing spiritually, we would learn to cherish the time with our Heavenly Father. He longs for us to be patient, yet determined. He wants for us to wait for that fish, and be proud of our catch. We are to be fishers of men and my prayer is that we can teach our children, even now, that this is the most important thing we can do while serving God.
Yesterday Braden told me I was "so cute!"

He sat on my lap last night and I started to fake cry telling him,
"Bubby I want you to be my baby forever..."
He looked at me, laid his head on my chest and said,
"I just want to be your mother."
And I laughed hysterically for minutes straight.
This kid brings life to my soul.

Daniel is still needing prayers for pain in his body. I am making him head to the VA on Sunday for a check-up so please pray for wisdom in the Dr's and that we can get to the root of this pain.
I will keep you updated!


Tiffany said...

First I have been praying for Daniel's pain. I hope the doctor's kind find the root of it, and Daniel can find healing and comfort.
Second LOVE that photo of Daniel and Braden - awwww!!
Third - I love your blog and you! I was so drawn to you because of your authenticity - don't change a thing!
Praying for you, Friend. Thanks so much for yesterday - you have no idea....

Tiffany said...

Also - what is your tattoo on your foot? Or rather what does it say? So pretty.

rameelin said...

Hey Tiff!
It says "Bella Memoria" it means "Beautiful Memory..." My sister and I got them on our feet last year in memory of our Nanny:)

Sparkling Adventures said...

Lovely memory of Braden's words. I'm glad you're recording these cute things... They do grow up, after all!

Ashleigh said...

I would be sad if you ever felt the need to "censor" your blog. I find comfort in your honesty as a mother and a wife.

Love the fishing pictures!