Monday, June 14, 2010

my best friend's wedding

This is one of my best friends, Danielle.
And this is her fiancee' Brendon.
They are getting married soon!
I had the pleasure of taking some of their engagement photos yesterday afternoon. It was such a good time! Danielle is beautiful and has the biggest heart for God. I love her with my whole heart. Brendon is the perfect match for her, and we love him dearly. Oh and he has good taste--
Here are just a few of my favorite shots. There were too many to post...

Yesterday was an exhausting day all around. The kids are being a little more rambunctious than normal and when people are around, I feel like all I do is yell & discipline; yell & discipline. I hate that because I don't want to give off the image that I am frustrated or angry with the kids. I'm not. They are at a place where they require alot of work but I hate if it appears overwhelming to others. I want my children and myself to be a joy to the people in our lives. But after a long day, it's hard not to feel a little tired of their energy and even their tiny voices sometimes. I try desperately not to feel this way, but it is a challenge...

...And I'm almost 9 months pregnant in case you forgot. And although that may not be a good enough excuse for some people in my world, it most certainly is the most exhausting of all jobs--growing a human inside of my tired and growing body. So at the end of the day, if I'm short with the kids and anyone else who walks through the door, I apologize. Just bear with me, love me and know that this too shall pass.

I would never choose anything else for my life. My role as mom to the redheads [&sweet Mabel] , wife to my best friend and homemaker by day & night is the greatest of all gifts. I am not perfect and never want to give the impression that I am even trying to be. I'm trying to do my best. That's all I can do. If you expect me to act like a perfect mom or wife when you are around, I will fall short of that expectation many times over. I am not just authentic here in the blog world.
I am authentic all around. And I've said it 100 times before--it isn't always pretty. But it's our reality. Our life. And we are seeking God in the midst.
That is how I know we are doing our best.

Spending time reflecting a bit today & hoping for sunshine tomorrow...


Tiffany said...

I LOVE your portraits - just gorgeous Ramee. Praying extra hard for you. I so remember being right where you are. I hope you can have a restful week.

Firecracker said...

The weary find rest in HIM! I pray for your energy to return, and for your last few days of pregnancy be ones of unimagianable joy! :)