Sunday, June 27, 2010


Rock The Square went well. It was in the high 90's but I made it the whole time.
I'm exhausted so more on that tomorrow... A few nights ago Nora was taking a bath. I sat right outside the door, listening, as I talked to Jeni for literally 2 minutes on the phone. When I walked in, Nora had used the ENTIRE bottle of body wash for bubbles.

Come to find out from Daniel that Braden did the exact same thing in the tub downstairs while Daniel was sitting right there. He luckily was able to spare half of his bottle.

Today, Nora locked us outside.

I'm getting middle of the night leg cramps. You know the ones where your toes curl for minutes at a time and you're in so much pain you think you're gonna die? Yeah those.

We had the exterminator come and spray for roaches. I thought I saw one and flipped. He said that if we did, in fact, have them we would see them in the next day or two coming out to die. We spent 200 dollars to have him spray.
We've seen no roaches.
It's a good thing, don't get me wrong...
...but 200 bucks...

I napped today. It was the kind of rest that was so relaxing I could feel myself drooling and hear myself snoring but didn't care to wake up to fix either. My arm was going numb. My uterus was aching. And I slept. Slept. And slept some more. Daniel was home and I was able to not worry about the kids. It was amazing.
Could I get me some more of that, please?

Happy Sunday friends. See you all tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the soaps, getting locked out, leg cramps and being out $200. I'm glad you had fun today and was able to take a nap though! :)

Ashleigh said...

Oh charlie horses hurt so bad! I got them so many times. It's very odd how it happens during pregnancy only (for me anyways).

Every roach within a 10 mile radius of Clinton better be dead for $200!

Firecracker said...

From what hubby says, there's a lots of them there roaches in Clinton, but he says he hope all yer buggys are goners! lol