Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer has begun.

It's here.
Summer has officially started.
Here is how summer looks at the Larson home:

Sunglasses, Signs, Flowers, more flowers & half-naked redheads soaking up the sun.
Yep, that about sums it up.
And life is good.

So good, in fact, that when I woke up this morning I literally felt like this day had been made just for me. The sunshine, the smiling boy awaiting me & a nappy haired beauty sleeping in my bed. The fan was blowing just right on my face and I felt renewed.
Indeed, life is good.

We were blessed enough to celebrate Memorial Day with some of our closest friends and all of their beauties.
Remember sweet baby Jenna?
She is growing!
And her mama is smitten...
Remember one of my greatest friends, Katie and our awesome testimony of God ordaining our friendship?
She's having a baby!
Remember this boy and how ornery he can be?
agh, never mind.
Just look at him.
Remember my longest friend, Lindsay? I met her the first day of Kindergarten and we're still goin strong!
She had baby Chloe not long ago and she already looks great!
Remember my sister Jeni?
She's busy working alot but she sure is cute!

Oh, and remember my husband?
The mailman?
Well he spent some of his memorial day highlighting my hair...
...and his.
So there you have it.
Tomorrow I will officially be 8 months pregnant and will have a picture to prove it.
I was told numerous times last night how much my belly had grown in just a few days.
But it's ok. We're gearing up to meet this lady.
Also in my plans for tomorrow's post--
a salsa recipe that is to die for.
You'll thank me for sure.

We're not allowed to say certain words in our house, according to our kids, the 'bad word nazi's.'
So because they can't say the word, "fat," Nora said to me on Saturday,
"Come over here and sit your big ol' body next to me, mom!"
She's a smart little cookie.

Have a good day, friends.
The Lord is such a wonderful God. Bask in Him today and feel His refreshing!
Oh...what does summer look like in your world?


Tiffany said...

Your highlights look amazing! I need to catch up on all of your posts! I've been so busy, but I have missed reading here. Hope you are feeling well today. Cannot wait to see the belly photo tomorrow!

Firecracker said...

Your big ol body! lm(tail)off!!! ha ha ha ha....to cute!
Your hair makes me for certain, I'm gonna go out and buy a box of something today to highlight me with...Charlie prob won't help though... :( lol. He's a goober.
Was also thinking about piercing the nose.