Tuesday, June 15, 2010

...what i've been up to...

Funny you should ask.
I'm a little out of my self lately. This happens to me late in pregnancy. I go deep within to a place where I focus on all that needs to be finished before our sweet new babe arrives. I dig in deep and find the energy and a way to accomplish all that I feel needs to be done.

So this week, I have been...
With each child, I have compiled a pregnancy scrapbook. Before I was a mom people always told me that I may do this for the first baby but after that, I wouldn't have the time. Well, that is just not so--and not with anything, may I add. You can find the time to do anything that is important to you.
Even Nora has been helping me by cutting and placing stickers where she feels they need to be. I believe this will be an awesome gift for my children someday!
Oh, yes, I have also been decorating and preparing our sweet girl's room...
The pictures just do not give it justice. It is seriously beautiful.
Remember how I was struggling to find bedding that was going to match her already-deep red-room? Well I had my eyes on this set...
...and when the bedding came yesterday I was in awe of how perfect it was!
I will just use this chance to recommend it to any new mom who's looking for baby bedding!
We ordered it from www.babysupermall.com
It was a 7 piece set for $99.00 and included: 2 fitted sheets, the gorgeous quilt, a bumper, diaper stacker, one valance and the dust ruffle.
The quality of this bedding is insane! So durable, and just beautiful!
Oh & you get free shipping.
And, there are extra products to match each set. For instance, I will be ordering the lamp, another valance and even the mobile; I love it all so much!

Nora helped me paint old shelves and eventually decorate them. She was beyond excited yesterday when the bedding came saying, "Mabel will be here so soon!"
Everything in the room except for a few things was used. For instance, this dresser was Daniel's when he was a child.
There are a couple more walls that aren't pictured here. One will have a long white shelf which will hold framed pictures that Nora & Braden colored for their sister. Everything is finished, we just need to hang it. The back wall is where the futon is sitting. We are painting that wall white and adding the decal of the large cherry blossom tree behind it.

I scrapbook on the floor of her room. I pray in there and enjoy the quiet, imagining what it will be like to see her sweet body lying in her crib. She is so precious to me. I am anticipating bringing this sweet baby home and have enjoyed preparing a place for her!

Let's see...
...what else have I been doing?
Ah yes. Coloring my hair.
I blame the hormones.
Oh & I've been busy itching-
due to some unknown red bumpy rash. hmph. The Dr. says to take Benedryl. Nice.

And mothering, of course.
I've been doing lots of inside mothering due to lots of rain on the outside.
It puts a slight damper on summer fun, but I rather enjoy the air conditioning.

So there you have it. That's what I've been focused on in the last few days.
Preparing, cleaning, decorating, daydreaming, itching & mothering.
What have you been busy doing?


Anonymous said...

Mabel's room is absolutely gorgeous! And I love that you've taken the time to keep a scrapbook for her - I am sure she will appreciate it.

Firecracker said...

I've been busy watching God remove this pain from my body and giving Him the ultimate praise! I've been watching myself getting ready to celebrate my 3rd year wedding anniversary on 7-7...to my best friend when everyone said we wouldn't make it!
Mabel is one fortunate little girl, being brought up in a Christian household with a mommy and a daddy and surrounded by God's favor!

Amanda said...

Cute room! Do you think you have PUPPS rash?

Tiffany said...

Your scrapbook puts me to shame, but you are so right about finding time to do what is important to us. {sigh} I LOVE Mabel's room. I am going to sneak over to that site and just browse and dream for a bit! I was going to ask if you had PUPPS, too, but then I remembered that I think women can only get it if they are carrying a boy. Something about the testosterone cause a reaction in the women's body. I may be way off, though! Ha! Still praying for you in these last few days.

Tiffany said...

PS LOVE your hair - that is the exact color of my lowlights - well was - they have faded.

rameelin said...

I looked up PUPPS and it sounds alot like what I have...but then Daniel came home and has the same bumps:( Dont know what we've gotten into. All I know is that it's not poison ivy like last year (THANK GOD!)
Oh and...my hair is now back to it's original red. UGH...HORMONES! :)

Anonymous said...

I love Mabel's room! It's Gorgeous!