Wednesday, July 7, 2010

37 weeks.

Today marks 37 weeks in this pregnancy!
If I were to go into labor today, Mabel would be considered 'term.'
But I'm not going to. I'm going to keep growing and growing...
Until next Friday that is!
* Yesterday at the Dr, he scheduled my induction for Friday, July 16th.
* Mabel weighed 6 lbs. 3 oz (give or take 15 oz.)
* He estimates she will be between 7 & 7 1/2 lbs.
* I go back on Tuesday and he will check my cervix.
* As of 37 weeks I have gained close to 50 pounds! haha. This is the same as I gained with Nora at this point, only I started 15 pounds smaller this time. 50 pounds!? Can you believe it?!
[[Thanks be to oreos.]]
* I now have blisters on my feet and little ones on my fingers from the same virus the kids had last week. The Dr. isn't concerned and says it passes quickly. It's slightly painful and very annoying.
* I am swollen (noticeably). Again, painful and annoying.
* My back is aching but I'm sure you can tell why, I mean just look at that belly!
* My tailbone has been in more pain the last week. She obviously dropped or moved differently to cause there to be more pressure.
* Lots of contractions; some intense.

Here's how I'm feeling:
Anxious-- I am so ready to see this sweet girl. However, I can think about it all day, and even talk about her but it still doesn't quite feel real. I seriously can't imagine having her here with us yet and that is kind of scary.

Overwhelmed-- Knowing that the kids are going to be home for a couple days without me is hard. I have never left them. You read it right! I have never left them for this long and with other people. Even though it will be my mom and dad, it is still hard.

Strangely Calm-- Again, the denial of it all. I don't feel like we'll be bringing a baby home in 10 days that's for sure!

Annoyed--just in general. Must be hormones.

Huge & Uncomfortable X 100.
This is an exciting week! On Sunday some of my friends are getting together at El Reys to eat lunch and celebrate Mabel! I am thankful, gracious and just really excited to see everyone and spend time with them. Monday night is Danielle's Bridal Shower which should also be alot of fun and I am thrilled that I get to be there and be a part of it! Tuesday is the Dr. and then depending on my cervix I will either go in on Thursday evening or Friday morning to have this sweet baby!

In the meantime, thank you for all of your encouragement and prayers. I appreciate it more than you could ever know. This has been and continues to be an awesome journey. The 3rd time is just as special as the first, that is for sure!!!

Remember to scroll down and leave a question for Daniel in his post! He will answer on Friday!!!


Nicole said...

how exciting! new babies are precious!

why are you being induced?

rameelin said...

I have a bent tailbone. With each baby I have been induced to prevent it from breaking during labor--they don't want the babies to grow too large. At 38 weeks all of them have been right at 7 pounds & healthy!!!