Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ask The Mailman!

Today I'm opening up my blog (and email) so that you can ask my husband anything you may be curious to know about him! Nothing is off limits.
He will answer all of your questions in a separate post later in the week! for questions you don't feel comfortable asking on my comment section...

I was sitting in the car with my mom over the weekend and we watched an elderly couple walk by hand in hand. She said, "See, that will be you and Daniel someday." At the time I said, "I dont know about that..." and kind of giggled, even though I thought it was really sweet.
But the truth is, even on days when I feel frustrated with my guy, he is the captain of my heart. I am so much in love with him and know that I always will be.

Even in the last few days when I have been overwhelmingly grouchy and downright mean to him at times, he has stuck it out with me. He hugs me and forgives me as if it takes no effort. That is such a beautiful part of loving someone unconditionally. And that is what we have. We committed to be 'one' and we are in everything we do. He loves me deeply and I know it.

This man can make me laugh. I mean belly laugh. He is witty and funny in the most unsuspecting moments and I love him for it.

The mailman is a great provider. There are days when he is exhausted, sore and just plain tired of doing the same thing. I know we all feel that way, but this is different. His body is young yet feels so old. He works hard and takes pride in his ability to provide for us. He is so much more than I could have ever hoped he would be for this family and I am thankful every day.

Daniel is loyal. He is honest (to a fault sometimes.) He is trustworthy. He is smart. He is faithful.

So there's the general gist of my opinion about my husband.
What more do you want to know??

What's his favorite food? Least favorite that I make?
What's it like living with all these redheads?
Does he miss military life?
Ask away & Enjoy your day!


Ashleigh said...

How would you feel if Braden wanted to join the military?

Your hair always looks very perfect and awesome. How long does it take you to do it and are you the type to freak out if anyone touches it?

Rita said...

How patient are you with your children? Who is more lenient, you or your wife?

Rachel said...

Describe a typical workday for you-do you always walk your route or sometimes drive? Do you work inside and sort mail too, etc.