Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A day early: 38 weeks!

I know that it's a day early, but I thought since we are heading in to the hospital at 4 pm on Thursday evening to start our induction, I would give you a glimpse of what 38 weeks looks like-
* I went to the Dr. this morning and he confirmed that Mabel's head is extremely low. I was glad to hear it because it explained alot of the back pain I was experiencing through the night and this morning.
*She was so low, he couldn't get an accurate weight measurment but thinks she is close to 7 pounds.
*I have started to dialate but we are still heading in Thursday evening rather than Friday morning. At this point, I'm ok with that. I'm ready!
*I gained one more pound. Grand total=50!
And now, I am sitting amazed and in awe of our God!
How awesome it is that my body is capable of growing this baby.
How amazing it is that He is giving me the chance to birth her, raise her and love her.
I am overwhelmed and excited at the thought of her.
Resting up for our big day and spending time praising Jesus!
Resting in the knowing that His plan is beautiful and perfect; just like our new babe.
In awe of the wonder of it all.
3 days to go. We're in the final stretch!


Tiffany said...

For some reason this post made me cry! Growing, carrying, and birthing a baby is such a beautiful thing! Praying so hard for you!

brandy said...

I'll for sure be praying for you!!! In a couple days you'll be holding your beautiful baby!! I can't wait to see pictures! How exciting!

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone said...

I wish you all the best Ramee and i am so excited for you and your family.

Amanda said...

How exciting! We'll be praying for a safe labor and delivery! Congrats *early* to all of you! Can't wait to see if Mabel has red hair!

Firecracker said...

I pray for your safety, and that the Doctors have great knowledge, and I will have to email you and ask for your address, if you don't mind giving, because I have a gift for little Mabel!