Friday, July 30, 2010

Dear Mabel,
Happy 2 weeks baby!
In the past 2 weeks you have completely changed our lives. Bringing you home from the hospital and introducing you to your brother and sister was so simple. It's as if you have always been with us. In a sense, I suppose you have. Daddy & I prayed over all of our children long ago and I can see the fruit of those prayers in you.
You are stunning! Immediately when you were born and the nurses handed you to me, I was overcome with peace. In fact, I had never experienced anything like it. I was joyful and overwhelmed. I felt this amazing sense of God from you. I knew He was speaking to me right away...and I was listening...
You are such a good baby. You still sleep alot but you like to nurse at least every 3 hours. At night, you might go a little longer but you maintain a good schedule. I used to not believe moms who said things like, "my baby slept through the night from the time we brought her home," or "she really never fusses..." or "she has herself on a perfect schedule."
I believe them now. You do all of these things.
If I could have asked for the perfect baby, God would have given me you.
Nanny says you've been really easy on me and I agree. And I'm thankful.

I love to dress you. You have so many cute clothes that I started laying out the ones that have been washed as to make sure you fit into all of them at one time or another. Daddy thinks that is pretty funny.
Speaking of daddy, he's pretty much putty in your hands. He loves your dark hair (as does everyone) and loves to brush it. He thinks it's hilarious that you make more noise while you're napping than you do when you're awake. It is so cute!
You smile alot. Like more than a newborn should. It's really funny and super cute. You curl your toes backwards and have daddy's toenails (like Nora and Braden). Everyone who knows our babies knows what that means. A few days after you were born Aunt Rachel even asked, "does she have the daddy toes?"
You light up our world, sweet pea girl. Nora adores you, Braden protects you, daddy is in awe of you and I am beyond thankful for you. Our lives have never felt more complete. You are so beautiful and everyone who sees you tells us so. I can't believe how fast you're growing and changing. I am savoring every minute with you and enjoying this time.
You are my precious lady and I love you so so much.


andrealeighshannon said...

Silas was sitting in my lap as I was reading your blog this morning. And when he saw a picture of Mabel, he said "Mmmm...Baby!" Hahaha! I thought that was so cute! Even Silas thinks she is yummy. ;)

Rachel said...

Oh the last picture is SOOOO swweeeet!!! Gosh she just takes my breath away!