Thursday, July 29, 2010


In my mind, I am preparing for fall. Fall means that we will unofficially begin 'schooling' the kids. Mainly I will begin teaching Nora on a more regular basis & Braden will be learning along side her as much as he is able to retain.
I have started to figure out where I want to set up their schooling area. I have a picture in my mind that I feel like will work perfectly.
It's exciting knowing that we will be working hard towards something that will stay with our children for life. They are both already so smart and very ahead of their age in most areas. It's incredibly rewarding to watch them learn.
There are some things you have to teach them that are necessary for life. General subjects like math, reading, writing, and history are pretty important.
And they enjoy learning!
But then there are some things that we are going to focus on in our home that we believe are equally as important to their future. For instance, this year during Nora's schooling we will continue the lessons of cooking...
This is something that already comes natural to her. As a girl, I can see that it is ingrained in her. She desires to help, serve and create. She is quite good at it too!
I am excited for fall to roll in. I can feel it in my spirit. It's approaching quickly and time will fly from this point on. Nora turns 4 on Saturday and we are about to start 'school.' This is the phase of mothering I have been most excited about and yet somehow it saddens me a bit. It seems like yesterday her little head full of red was doing what her baby sister is currently doing...
...which is some learning of her own.
To suck her thumb, that is.
These tiny blessings are brilliant and I am so incredibly proud of all of them!


tinkerbell90873 said...

Are you planning to teach Braden how to cook and clean and take care of himself as well? I really think that boys should learn household duties as well so that they do not become a burden on their wives or girlfriends. It is sad to me how many men in the world do not know how to make a simple meal or sew on a button.

rameelin said...

Well of course I will. He is included in almost all that we do. However, I will put more emphasis on these things for Nora because ultimately I want her to understand that it is a privelage to be a homemaker for her future husband and to have the skills to make a house a home. It is not my intention for Braden not to learn those things; he absolutely will.

I just believe that his dad needs to focus on teaching him the things that play a part in his role as a boy and someday a man; such as working outside with his hands and being a hard-working provider.

Both kids are involved in pretty much everything that the other does. There isn't a whole lot of time that I can focus on teaching them individually although I try.

Bottom line--yes...Braden will learn the same skills that Nora does, although he shows much less interest than she does.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome Ramee! I too am taking time to teach Miranda something each day but she will ultimately go to a public school. I don't see me being able to be a 100% homeschooling mom but I would like to be involved in Miranda's learning and supplement as necessary. Mabel is so beautiful! Brunette blessing is right on the money. :)

Tiffany said...

You're awesome. And yet again I wish you lived around the corner. How much fun would it be to do a few lessons together during the week?!

The Wickershams said...

Good luck with the home schooling, that will be very neat for the kiddos. If you ever need any ideas, suggestions, etc I would love to help-I have taught Kindergarten now for three years!