Sunday, July 18, 2010

Home & Night One

We made it home yesterday evening at around 6pm.
I was beyond anxious to see the redheads and couldn't wait to see their reactions to their new sister, who is stunning...
I enjoye my time with Mabel at the hospital. She had a pretty good first night although there was still some fluid in her chest that kept her awake and coughing for most of it. She eventually fell asleep and I did my best to rest too.
She had no jaundice and checked out great. She is such a quiet, calm, tiny thing.
The kids did absolutely great! Braden kept saying, "This is Mabel? This is Mabel? I can't believe this!"
Nora looked very quietly at her new sister and kicked into little mommy mode almost immediately. When we came inside, she held her new sister and said, "Aww, Mabel, you are precious."
This morning she is holding her again and saying things like,
"Mabel is my present."
"Mabel is mine forever and ever and ever."
"Mabel's hair is not red like mine. Mabel's hair is black like my daddy's."
...and a million other perfect, precious things...
Speaking of last night, our newest babe slept from 9 pm until 5:30 this morning.
It's true! This new mom of 3 slept a full night's sleep. Both of the redheads woke up very early, excited to see their sister. Nora can't get enough. Braden is in his own world.
I am in Heaven.
Absolute Heaven.
I am overwhelmed and have never felt more fulfilled in my entire life.
And I feel so undeserving of these miracels.

Although I just knew that the Lord saw that I had earned a quiet baby. And I'm praying that her night of sleep was a preview of days to come.
I'm pretty much in love.


The Wickershams said...

Congrats! This gives me hope of sleep at night :)

Jessica Kramasz said...

Wow - she slept through the night already? That's amazing - what a blessing.

Tiffany said...

Oh, Ramee... this is just perfect.