Saturday, July 24, 2010

know what you believe...

There have been hard times in my life. I have not been without pain, regret, disappointment, shame, guilt, confusion, death, grief, or betrayal. I look back at these things and see that they have shaped me.

I hear often that it is 'easy' for a "person like me" to be a Christian or to believe everything the Word says to be truth. Let me tell you the truth:

It is easy for me to be a Christian because I do believe the Word is scripture that is God-breathed. I believe that it is absolute truth and nothing else can stand next to that which is lasting. I believe these things not because my life has been easy or without all that I mentioned above because there have times that have challenged me to my core. However, they didn't shake me. They didn't challenge my faith. After all--that is what being a Christian is truly about. Faith.

...Not searching for answers to questions that you derive yourself based on your own thinking or opinions. That is almost blasphemous. It is a question of your own salvation when you begin to question the Word. When you can accept the Bible to be true, without fault and solid; it is then that you will have a peace like none other. It is then that you will have a salvation that runs deep, smooth and simple. It will come easily. Naturally. And it will be authentic. It is important that we all know what we believe and stand firm in that thinking with confidence. Can you say that you know?

A few questions that have been asked of me lately...

Why can I not pray on my own? I find it difficult...where do I begin?

This makes me incredibly sad. Quite simply, you can pray on your own. Just begin talking to him as if your friend is sitting next to you in your living room. Remember that a conversation is always supposed to be 2-way. Take time to speak and take time to listen. The Lord can teach you much in the stillness and quiet of that moment with Him. Don't be afraid. He loves you and He wants to spend time with you--He is desperate to hear from you. If you still find it challenging, please ask someone that you trust to pray with you. If you don't have someone in your life that you feel like can do that, please let me know. I would love to spend time in prayer with you!

How do you know that what you believe is the truth?

"All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness." -2 Timothy 3:16

This verse doesn't say that some scripture is God-breathed. It says that it is ALL God-breathed. If God breathed life into something; anything...I am going to believe all that is within it's context. Every single bit of it. I believe it to be truth because I believe that God is real and His word is flawless. I believe because I have faith. Faith is a tricky thing but also quite simple if you long to believe something with your heart. Also, I believe that it is truth because I have seen the Lord move in my life in ways that He only speaks about in His word. It is undeniable to me that the Lord is a living God when he continues to prove Himself so powerfully in my life and in the lives of others. I whole-heartedly believe that we can all see God if we choose to see Him.

I don't ever want you to read here and leave feeling confused about something that I speak about. Please, if you have questions concerning Jesus, my faith, or anything at all (no matter how large or small that question may be...) please feel free to email me. I want you to have clarity in your own walk with the Lord. It's a beautiful, peaceful place to be when you can be confident in that which you believe. We all deserve to feel that security in our faith walk!


Have I mentioned that I think I could have the best baby in the entire world? Oh, and she's pretty cute too....Have a great weekend, friends!


Firecracker said...

I believe, in every area of my life that the Word of God is true, and that God is faithful, it's simply hard to believe that I will ever get out of this current pit that I feel that I am. However, I'm sure I will look back at it and laugh, because it strengthened me, gave me patience, showed God's mercy, etc.
I try and find good things everyday in life to be thankful for, but right now, it's so hard.
People are coming down around me at work about how negative I am, and it makes me so sad. Because, I want to be a light, not the darkness. *sigh*
But, do have a lovely bee-bee! Or, should I say bee bee's! I appreciate you posting this, I appreciate every post!

Firecracker said...

yea! you added Mabel down below!! lol

Amanda said...

This post really moved me and inspired me to write why I have the faith that I do. Thanks!