Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life with Mabel

Life with Miss Audrine is sweet. Sweet. Sweet.
She brings peace to my heart and gentleness to this home.
She is a blessing so great and so deep.

Mabel has had jaundice for a couple of days. We have been on a roller coaster of hospital trips and foot sticks. Finally, after an overwhelming ordeal on Tuesday, we got a billiruben blanket for here at the house. She stayed on it for two days straight and her levels finally came down enough to be a free woman! Praise the Lord!

We took her today to get her newborn pictures. They all turned out amazing (to say the least). I will get all of the prints tomorrow.

She is still sleeping through the night. I have to wake her every two hours to feed her. It's a huge change of pace for this mom of wild redheads, but I am enjoying it to say the least. Her daddy is quite smitten with her quiet demeanor as well.

I am doing well. I do believe I over-did it a bit today as I am exhausted and sore tonight. However, I feel rested. I feel energetic. I feel joyful!
I have lost 13 pounds since leaving the hospital 6 days ago.
I could overflow with the amount of peace I feel at this exact time in my life.

So, in short, that sums up our week.
Feedings. Changes. Kisses. Adjustments. Foot Sticks.
Pictures. Pictures. &MorePictures!
Wondering how I ever lived without this little girl in my life...

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