Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mabel's Lunch.

Today was a great day.
Some of my closest friends planned a luncheon for Mabel & I.
We were so blessed!
And we ate good food [and dessert]
Becky & I talked about ways we could have these babies at the same time...
And I just enjoyed myself so much!
I am so thankful for people who love me.
It's amazing to see how life comes in full circle-
Old friends and new friends come together to celebrate new life...
and it brings me so much joy!
Nora got to be there as well. She was thrilled to be with the girls celebrating her new sister!
...Even daddy got a gift from Nanny. He was so excited!
This lunch was literally all I have been waiting for; counting down the days until our newest babe arrives. Now, she can come anytime and I'll be ready!
5 days to go...