Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sick Nora.

This little redhead is sick...
This little redhead is not.
This little lady doesnt need to be...
So pray, pray, pray & don't stop!
This little lady says "zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz zzzzzzz"
all the day long...
Nora's been stuffy for almost a week. Yesterday my 'mommy gut' told me something more was going on and in an instant of panic, I decided that she needed to go to the ER. Daniel took her and then I met them there. She is ok, but has strep. She looks and feels miserable and it's breaking my heart. Thankfully (in some weird way) she wants to be left alone, which is ok because I don't want to risk getting sick. Mabel seems ok. Braden seems fine--but I still called their pediatrician and hopefully will hear from him sometime today or tomorrow. We take Mabel back for her 2 week check-up on Friday anyway but for now she still seems healthy and well! Thank the Lord!

Really, we always appreciate your prayers. Thank you for loving us!
This blessing that comes with bringing home a new baby (whose heart is claimed for the Lord) seems to always upset the enemy. He somehow sneaks into our lives and makes himself known. However, we know a God who is greater. A God who is stronger. A God who is higher than any other! He is awesome in power and we are thankful that we serve Him! And ultimately we are thankful for children who truly are healthy. Their bodies are strong and their immune systems are remarkable. We are so very blessed.

Mabel is doing great. Still sleeping ALOT but she is eating well and when she is awake she is really awake! She smiles and has the sweetest (daddy) dimple! It's lovely.
I pretty much adore her.

I told Daniel last night that I dont feel like I have the 'new mom' look this time around. I feel great--probably better than I should and I am loving it! This little girl squeezed right into our lives with such ease and I am beyond thankful. All feels perfect in my world right about now. Well except the fact that Nora is so pitiful today. But she'll feel better soon and then we'll be able to celebrate bigger and better things...

...like our oldest lady turning 4 this Saturday and our only boy turning 3 in a few short weeks. Sigh. How time flies.
We are blessed beyond measure and thankful for an awesome God!
I will keep you all updated on the babes and in the meantime we covet your prayers!!!


Tiffany said...

PRAYING!!!!! Keep us updated, okay?

Ashleigh said...

Poor thing :( Get well soon Nora! Love the new blog name you chose!