Thursday, July 1, 2010

thursday randoms.

I thought it was a neat coincidence when I searched the name 'Mabel' on google and this image of a redheaded angel popped up. She's so cute...
Speaking of redheads, ours still weren't feeling great as of last night. They slept through the night but we still decided to make an appointment with the Dr. today. I'd rather have everything checked and be cautious before I have Mabel. We don't need any lingering infections or bugs hanging around. I'll let you know what the Dr. says.

Does your Dairy Queen have the new lemonade chillers?
That's obviously not what they look like, but MAN are they good. In fact, I just woke up and I want one already. We'll have to grab one on our way to the Dr....

Oh, and every morning since the beginning of this pregnancy I have eaten one cherry pop tart with a small glass of milk and coffee. When I am not pregnant, I don't eat pop tarts. I drink a small amount of milk (probably on cereal more than anything) and I definitely wouldn't be eating them every day. Anyway, recently my mom sent in a box of blueberry pop tarts and my only question is
Where have you been my whole life? Seriously?! Delicious. I will miss my pop tart affair in a few weeks, for sure.
Here's a list of foods that I don't eat when I'm not pregnant that I am loving right now:
Jimmy Johns sandwiches= I can currently eat a whole sandwich. I will eat 1/3 not pregnant.
McDonalds= I literally didn't eat nuggets or even fries for 2 years. I will sneak them in occasionally these days but still am not a HUGE fan.
Dr. Pepper= LOVING this right now. I will cut it out almost immediately after having the baby and will probably drop 5-7 pounds because of it. Always happens. I go through a little withdrawal but am thankful for Diet Dr. Pepper which isn't SO bad once I get used to it.
Oreos= In my real life (non pregnancy) days, I will eat one oreo after lunch. Not a whole row before bed like I might or might not be doing right now.
Brownies= Ok, I probably will still eat brownies. Everything in moderation, remember?
...and honestly...
there are many more. I haven't exactly been as health conscience as I would have wanted during these 9 months but I am proud of myself for gaining the amount of weight that both the Dr. and myself thought was healthy. I am not concerned with or focused on losing it which is actually exciting. I am excited to have my body back but mostly my strength and above all, my endurance.

Daniel is off today so we are going to lounge around until time to go to the Dr. It's gorgeous outside so we will probably enjoy it together in some way. We honestly don't have much to do before the baby comes which is exactly how I wanted it to play out. Now--we wait. We enjoy Nora and Braden because this will be the last 2 weeks that it will JUST be them and us. It's a weird and exciting thought and a special time for our family.

What are you up to today?

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Becky said...

Loving the frozen drinks myself lately!!! My current favorite is the frozen strawberry lemonade from Panera A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. My pregnant belly is beyond happy with one of those and now I will be going to Dairy Queen for a frozen lemonade because I must try one THANK YOU very much.