Monday, August 2, 2010

computer virus:(

I'm currently sitting at the library using their computer. Ours got a virus and I'm not thrilled about it but hopefully it will be done getting fixed within the next couple of days. For now, though, I truly have been enjoying sweet moments with my babes that I sometimes take for granted. It has been a calm, relaxing, quiet week--well, ya know, in our world.

I had started this post before the computer crashed and got through uploading photos so I have a couple from last week to share which is exciting. I am missing blogging everyday! of today, I have lost 27 pounds!
I am feeling [[and doing]] great overall. I love being a new mommy again!
Last week proved to be a little more challenging for me as far as Braden is concerned, but all in all, we got through it just like we always do. He challenges me in every single way and yet I see him learning in all new ways almost by the minute. He's so cute I can't help but laugh and love him... he's so dang cute!
...and so so silly!
As far as Nora goes...she is officially 4, although she doesn't know it yet. We decided to have a combined birthday party for her and Braden this Saturday and were waiting to celebrate with them on that day as to avoid any hurt feelings of confusion...
It feels weird knowing she is 4.

She is the GREATEST big sister to Mabel and Mabel just adores her as well...
This is Mabel holding Nora's arm last week:)
...they snuggle daily....
Many times a day actually.
And Nora is just in awe of this dark haired girl (as we all are...)
Although I have a new baby, looking at this picture makes me happy to see them both cuddling in their jammies. She will always be my baby (even if she is a big ol' 4 year old now). Everything else is good. Mabel is still sleeping through the night but she is sure waking up during the day! She is lovely and doesn't give us any trouble. She is eating and growing. We are just completely in awe of her and more in love than ever!

Everything else is great except the computer situation. But like I mentioned, the quiet has been nice. Sometimes I believe the Lord allows these things to slow us from the busyness of what we have made our lives. It's a great reminder that He shows up in the stillness!

So, until we are back online, I pray you're all well. Thanks for loving on us the last few weeks. I cant express how much we appreciate it!!!

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your computer virus. I hope you get things back up and running soon. Enjoy your beautiful children!