Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Monday!
We had the wedding this weekend and it went well, although we were very tired yesterday and needed to spend the day resting. We enjoyed the babies and got the school room rearranged. Things are really coming together. There is not alot happening this week which I look forward to and we are starting school next Monday, on Labor Day, so that Daniel can be home when we begin. We're looking forward to it!!!

The kids had a good weekend with their grandma's, although it's always hard when I'm busy. I miss them so much. I took this picture last week and love it. I know Nora will look back someday and say, "What was I doing??" haha.
Mabel has had clogged tear ducts in both eyes for a little over a week. They are getting better all the time and she is waking up more every day. She is beginning to focus on our faces and her surroundings. She is still just a joy!!
So although it seems boring and slow and there isn't much to write about, I kind of like it. I will post pictures from the wedding later but for now, I'm going to go eat up my lovely girl and wait for Nora to wake up. We have books to move downstairs and a cabinet to organize!
Have a great day!

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Tiffany said...

Your children are so beautiful. The photo with all three should be your blog header. {wink}