Sunday, August 22, 2010

journey of goals.

I'm the kind of person who thrives on goals. I love to set a goal for myself because I know that ultimately I will meet it--probably surpass it and feel great about it. Maybe that is why my obsession with weight loss intrigues me--physically, mentally and spiritually.
Because I truly believe that I grow in every way possible during each one of my weight loss journeys. Everyone needs to experience the power behind something like this at least once in your life.
I have experienced it a number of times, but with each child that I carry and deliver, I feel even stronger and more powerful. I know I can accomplish anything.

This is my ultimate goal weight picture.
When I see this picture I do not see 'underweight,' or 'weak.'
When I look at this picture I see:
Fit. Trim. Toned. Strong. Confident.
I am currently 17 pounds from this weight.
However, I see those very same things when I look at the girl in this picture and she was very close to the weight that I am right now.
So ultimately, this time, my goal is not on the number that appears on the scale. It's not my focus. I am ok with the number, no matter what that may be as long as I feel good about myself, my clothes fit well and I feel strong. Strength is key.
My goal weight (in number) would be 115.
I plan to be at that weight by Christmas, if not before.

But in the meantime, my goal is to...
Embrace each and every number on the scale.
Enjoy the walks that I take while getting there.
And eat really good food while losing weight to prove that it is, in fact, possible.

By the end of the week my hair will look like this color again:

It is dark with some brown streaks throughout.
It had brown in it here too:
...which I LOVE!
So, as you can see, I am trying to feel beautiful at every stage of the game. Hitting my goals is important to me and should be for all of us. However, the journey is 90% more important than the end result. Always embrace the journey.

I know that I do.

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