Wednesday, August 25, 2010

just give us fall.

This morning when I woke up I felt it.
I felt the crispness in the air.
I looked at the window and saw the morning sun; it looked like autumn.
Early autumn; but fall nevertheless.

When I got home from my walk last night I could see it.
early signs of the season that sparks passion in my heart.
And there is nothing like having a new baby during a time when I feel more in love than ever anyway.
The air just covers her.
Summer is drawing to a close and we have all been ready for some time.
You can see it all around.
Needing the refreshment of a cool evening.
Needing the feel of jeans and a sweatshirt.
Needing to pick pumpkins and drink cider.
And bake apple cakes.
Oh the apple cakes.
Inside, things look the same.
But I can tell that all of our spirits are quickening for this special time.
Our favorite time.
Cuddle time.
Warm dinners time.
Fall candles time.
And we are all ready to introduce this brown haired girl to the things that excite us about our favorite season.
I know she'll look beautiful in a sweet little jacket with fall leaves falling down around her. I know she will feel comfortable in her sling while I walk through the chilled night around our yard.
I know she will feel the change in all of us when the season emerges.
It's coming.
The sunset was sooner.
The morning air is cooler.
Our hearts are giddy with anticipation.
Lord, give us fall.
Another post coming this afternoon.
Be on the lookout!


MrsHenebry said...

OH how I miss Fall :( Hopefully, Navy/Marine Corps willing, we'll be in Illinois in November, and it will be our first Fall in 3 years!!! SO excited that the change is coming, you all must be super psyched!!!

Ashleigh said...

There is nothing like an Illinois fall evening. I cannot wait for fall, even if it's Arizona style :) It felt like fall here this morning as well and it made my day.