Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Let me sum it up...

It was kind of fitting not having any distractions over the last 2 weeks.
If you were to peek into my windows or ask me what I've been up to during that time, this is exactly what you would see and exactly what I would tell you--

I have been adoring my newest love.
And all hours in between.
Of course, 'adoring' is a broad term for:
Holding. Feeding. Smelling. Changing. Feeding. Bathing. Feeding.

We have been busy watching her wake up over the last couple weeks.
...dressing her up and taking pictures of her sweetest faces...
We have spent time admiring her big eyes, sweet personality and similarities to her redheaded brother and sister (that some people may not notice because she's so dark...but it's true. She looks like them!)
I have spent many minutes realizing that my obsession over the color yellow will be fulfilled when Mabel wears this color. She's just gorgeous.
We have taken Mabel to meet our Granny--the granny with whom she shares her middle name--
I have spent time watching this little boy use his imagination, adjust to his new sister, throw massive fits and say the funniest things. I also had to nurse his face when his biggest sister decided to bite him right under his eye. He's so tough.
Oh Oh Oh.
How I have enjoyed moments where I can compare Mabel to her daddy. It's as if she is his twin, born 26 years later. He is pretty smitten as well.
I have been kissing these chubby cheeks...
...and these chubby cheeks as well...
I have been adoring toddler feet and have spent a lot of time just watching them. When I tell Braden I love his toes, he affectionately replies, "Thank you."
I have been admiring baby feet. Newborn baby feet. That bend backwards at the toes just slightly when she is nursing and spread wide when she is excited. I have memorized every detail of these sweet feet in the last 2 weeks.
I have decided that purple may be my second favorite color for our brunette to wear...
...and that daddy looks even more attractive to me when holding one of his new babies.
We have spent alot of time alone with Nora; hoping this will help with her adjustment to Mabel and allow her to feel some personal attention.
Daddy took her to the library for a special outing. Her first 'field trip' before the school year officially begins. She was thrilled and he loved the time with her too.
We celebrated Nora and Braden's birthday with a combined Toy Story party. It was alot of fun and ALOT of work. The kids became buzz and Jessi but Becky got them these bath towels of Woody and Jessi. They have been in Heaven with all their new toys!
I have enjoyed afternoons in which Braden is napping and I get to snuggle in my big bed with my 2 girls. And Nora enjoys it too!
And basically, I have done a lot. At first, probably too much. However when I look back at this time with Mabel and adjusting for our family...I think the Lord knew what needed to happen. I think I needed this time without distractions to really appreciate this new blessing that is now our life. We have been enriched in great ways and I have NEVER been more happy or joyful.
To sum it all up, Life is Good.
Really. Really. Good.
...birthday pictures to come tomorrow and all photos from the last couple of weeks will be posted on my facebook page sometime today! Love you all...

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sara aka meme said...

ramee i love them even the one with daniel and mabel she is like his twin and the one of daniel and nora melts my heart and bubby still a handsome boy meme loves you all